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Now more than ever, companies want freelancers. They are hiring freelancers for small projects as well as large projects and freelancers are doing a great job at giving quality results. Be it writing articles on a blog or starting a thrift store or a corporate business, everybody needs a good content writer.

But here’s the problem, only the well-established, top freelancers are making a lot of money leaving very little or no money for new freelancers on the market. Making a living as a freelancer isn’t easy.

There are a lot of hurdles and challenges along the way. Often freelancers feel helpless, all they want is someone to guide them and teach them the skills used by the pro freelancers so beginners could also be pro. That’s where Freelance Writers Den comes to the action.

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What is the Freelance Writers Den?

As the name suggests, Freelance Writers Den is a place to find a community of freelance writers along with power-packed video content of over 300 hours. It’s basically a hub where pro freelancers help beginner and mid-level freelancers start from scratch and make 5 or 6 figures a year. 

The den was founded in 2011 by Carol Tice. She has been a successful freelancer for over 10 years and is really good at what she does.

The community has 1600+ members, that’s because Carol Tice (founder) only opens doors to her den twice a year. Not all members get selected!

Membership costs $40 per month, at this price you’ll get live events every month, access to all Bootcamps, useful tools, personal attention, and a great community to interact with.

Is Carol Tice A Great Mentor for Freelance Writers?

Carol tice den founder

Carol Tice is a six-figure freelance writer and founder of the Make a living writing blog. Carol Tice has written articles for Forbes, Entrepreneur, Delta Sky, Costco, American Express, and many more.

Her aim with the Freelance Writers Den is to help as many writers as possible learn how to make money as a freelance writer in the fastest way possible. Over the years she has trained more than 14,000 writers.

In one line, Carol is the one-stop shop if you want to learn about making money through writing.

Who Is It For?

Freelance Writers Den is for those who are looking to start and grow a successful freelancing business from scratch.

You don’t need to be an introvert to be a writer. Writing is a skill anyone can learn. Practice is what helped me get better at writing and I’m sure it’ll help you too.

If you don’t want to figure out the writing game all by yourself and learn from experts in the freelance writing field, the den is the place for you. 

They have a waiting list that opens twice a year. Not all freelancers get selected due to limited entries. If you want to skip the waiting list and join the community right away, here’s your chance: Writers Den Skip Waiting List.

Can you Make Money As A Freelance Writer?

Imagine a tech company working day and night to create the best user experience for their customers. Someone has to write blog posts (to compete with their competitors and be no 1 in google through SEO).

Then they also need to create sales brochures, case studies, emails, detailed guides, and whatnot. They either learn these things while they’re doing their tech work or they outsource it to potential freelance writers. That’s where you come in.

Freelance writers can easily earn a few hundred or thousand dollars each month. Some start freelancing as a part-time side hustle and when they make more money through writing than their day job, they quit and become full-time freelance writers. 

Beginner freelancers can make approximately $30,000/year in the USA. In India, beginners make about Rs 3,00,000/year.

While this might be less, it’s usually because you lack experience, knowledge, the how-tos, and skills that your employer might need. That’s why joining a group of like-minded freelance writers that help each other will benefit and make you more money as a writer.

Features & Benefits of The Freelance Writers Den

To pay for the Freelance Writers Den membership you need to know WITFU (what’s in it for you). I’ll list down the top benefits you may receive from this membership:

Job Board

Looking for a new writing job as a freelancer? The den has a junk-free job board so you don’t have to search the entire internet, login into all freelancing platforms, and hunt for freelancing jobs.

Let’s face it, finding a good job as a freelancer is not less than your worst nightmare. By having this board, you can get jobs on the go. Jobs are operated by moderators thus you won’t find irrelevant or low-paying writing jobs here. 

Vide Content of 300+ hours

They have video content that’s more than 300 hours. All the live events and other resource videos are compiled to make sure you are guided every step of the way.

These videos will help you learn new skills that only pro freelancers use to make money. You have access to it for just $40! What a steal!

Online Community Forums

Do you get bored working alone? Do you wish to have a group of people where you can ask questions and get answers instantly? The den has an online forum consisting of peers and experts that are available 24/7.

Ask a question and you’ll get answers from industry experts. They have put a lot of thought into making this online community forum a valuable one.

Resources & Bootcamps

Bootcamps and courses den

Here’s another reason why I like Freelance Writers Den. They have a whole lot of content right from getting started as a freelance writer to mastery freelancing. Your membership will give you access to all of their Bootcamp courses. Here’s a list of all the things they teach you:

  • Create your Writers Website
  • Help you Understand SEO
  • Get you your First Writing Job
  • Teach you Linkedin Marketing
  • Freelance Marketing Mastery
  • How to Close the Sale

That’s not it. There are many more courses for you. Check out their Resources Page.

Personal Attention

Carol Tice only has about 1600+ members at one time. She could take on more members if she could but her focus with the den isn’t to make money without helping, that’s why personal attention and individual growth is given special importance here.

You can email Carol or any of the experts anytime and they will help you immediately. Most of the courses I’ve come across usually have tens of thousands of enrolled members, which’s amazing for the company but as a freelancer, you may feel the lack of personal attention.

Monthly Live Events

The Den members enjoy free monthly live webinars where guest speakers come to train on various topics related to freelancing.

Now, these events are just restricted to being a great freelancer, speakers aim to improve your productivity, teach you new skills and make you a better person fit for the freelancing world. You’ll learn business skills, overcome fear and get work done.

If for some reason you couldn’t attend one of their life events, you could watch it later as they do record the event, transcribe it and archive it in their resource library.

These monthly live events can get empowering because you’re part of a family, a group of people striving to make more money as freelance writers. 

Free Resources Freelance Writers Den Provides

In case you’re not convinced to pay the membership money or you don’t have money to invest, no worries. I’ve listed 3 FREE resources the den provides you at no cost whatsoever! Grab it asap!

  1. 30 SEO Keyword Phrase Tools
  2. The Recession-Proof Freelancer
  3. 50 Great Blog Post Ideas

Special Paid Courses/Books Provided by The Den

Paid courses freelance writers den

Freelance Writers Den 2X

The most premium course they offer is the Freelance Writers Den 2X. This course aims at teaching you simple steps that will take you from zero to six-figure as a freelance writer.

The cost for this course is slightly expensive but the results seem worth it, anyway if you’re interested, check it out – Freelance Writers Den 2X. If the cost seems too much, don’t worry, the Den membership for $40 is a great option too!

Freelance Writers Launchpad

Launchpad is a 3-month program that provides you with 1-on-1 coaching. The best part and the worst part of this launchpad is that there are only 50 students enrolled in this program. The team will search for the best writers out there as the program needs to be a good fit for all writers.

If You want to learn more, here you go – Freelance Writers Launchpad

How To Be A Well-Paid Freelance Blogger

This book provides you tips from 4 pro freelance bloggers as well as 21 key tips to set up your blog as a sample portfolio of your work. The book also claims that knowledge will make sure you get $50 – $100 per post. Check it out here – Freelance Blogger Book.

Freelance Writers Den Testimonials

The platform is loved by every member as they all make a lot of money mostly due to the guidance provided by Carol and her team. Click here if you want to read the Testimonials. After reading the testimonials, I hope you get a clearer idea if this is a good fit for you or not. 

What I Don’t Like About The Freelance Writers Den

I don’t like the fact that they have a waiting list, because a waiting list means that I have to wait to get my first income after using the platform.

I understand why Carol and her team decided to use the waiting list concept – it’s simply because they wanted to focus on helping the existing members and get them to massive success before they move on to train their next set of freelance writers. 

Let’s say you started a freelancing journey today, you joined their waiting list and started working on the best freelancing platforms out there. You gain some experience and you now understand the freelancing market a little better.

By that time Carol and her team welcome you to their den; You’ve already learned the basics and now you learn the advanced strategies to grow your income with the den members. That makes sense!

I also don’t like the 300+ hours of video content. Hear me out first – the content they are providing is great, a lot of resources for a fraction of the cost, but here’s the problem; people hate to make mistakes, they will study for hours and hours if they have the access to resources and they’ll delay executing.

Learning is great but it’s useless if you’re not executing anything. So divide your time between learning (30%) and executing (70%).

Does The Den Offer Good Support for Beginners?

They have an ecosystem of courses and articles for beginners. You’ll fit right in and learn new things as you browse through their content.

Again you have an online community at your fingertips so anytime you feel lost or need a second opinion, don’t hesitate to approach the experts and your fellow members.

How Much Does The Freelance Writers Den Cost?

Freelance writers den membership cost

Memberships cost $40 a month, you can cancel it at any time without any charges, no questions asked. They do have premium courses like Den 2X but I don’t recommend that for everyone as they already have enough content and the cost for all of that is just $40 per month. 

When Will Freelance Writers Den Open?

They open to the public only twice a year but they say that sometimes few people on the waiting list get enrolled sooner.

But bottom line – they open twice a year. Do you really want to join it now? Don’t worry, I did some digging and found a special secret page on their website. Using this link, you can get access to the den right now! No long waiting list for you!

Is Freelance Writers Den Worth It?

Setting aside the waiting list, I truly love the platform. It’s the best platform out there that provides such high-quality training.

Usually, companies focus on money more than teaching their members well but Freelance Writers Den doesn’t do that (due to their waiting list system). And if you don’t like the den, they do have a 7-day money-back policy, so they will refund you your money. 

Overall I’d like to say that if you want to turbocharge your success rates from 4% to 40% in a month or two, hanging on the waiting list might be the best option.

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Freelance Writers Den Review
Freelance writers den review

Freelance Writers Den is an online community of freelance writers looking to grow their freelancing income and get serious about being a freelance writer.

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