VA Foundry Review: Is Launch In 30 Days Worth It?

VA Foundry Review Launch in 30 days

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Sam and Jo are founders of The VA Foundry and together pack 20+ years of experience as VA business owners.

But is their course Launch In 30 Days any good?

In this VA Foundry Review, I’ll review every aspect of this comprehensive Launch in 30 Days course to help you decide if this online virtual assistant course is well suited for you!

I’ll also answer the most important question – Is VA Foundry a value-for-money course?

Check out my Quick Summary and Verdict below to get the answer!


  • Limited Students Enrolled Per Batch
  • Exceptional Personalized Support
  • Most Practical and Comprehensive VA Course
  • Embraces AI Tools Like ChatGPT for Faster Task Completion
  • Helps Personalize Your Brand Messaging
  • Launch a VA Business in 30 Days


  • Pricey VA Course
  • Limited Time Access
  • Curriculum Tailored for New Zealand and Australia
  • 30-Day Pro Rata Refund Policy

The Best Virtual Assistant Course

I’ve reviewed my fair share of virtual assistant courses, and The VA Foundry’s Launch In 30 Days Course is one of the best I’ve seen.

The course providers, Sam and Jo, provide top-quality content to ensure enrolled students become successful VAs in just 30 days or less.

Below are the Best Overall and Best Value For Money Courses ranked after doing extensive research and analysis!

🏆 Best Virtual Assistant Courses (2024) 🏆

1. The SavvySystem (review)4.8
2. Scale It Mastermind by Sam and Jo (review)4.6
3. Launch In 30 Days by Sam and Jo (review)4.5
1. 90 Day VA (review)4.6
2. Virtual Excellence Academy (review)4.5
3. $10K VA4.1

🏆 Best Virtual Assistant Courses (2024) 🏆

1. The SavvySystem (review)4.8
2. Scale It Mastermind by Sam and Jo (review)4.6
3. Launch In 30 Days by Sam and Jo (review)4.5
1. 90 Day VA (review)4.6
2. Virtual Excellence Academy (review)4.5
3. $10K VA4.1

What is The VA Foundry?

VA Foundry is a virtual assistant coaching program that provides high-quality courses to beginners and experienced VAs to help them make money and build successful VA businesses.

Launch in 30 Days is a complete course that teaches beginners how to be a virtual assistant from A to Z.

The course is structured to complete in 30 days with access given for 90 days.

If you’re on the hunt for proper guidance, a proven direction to success, and clarity in business decisions, I’m confident Sam and Jo’s step-by-step Va Foundry program will be well suited for you!

Throughout this review, I will take you through the entire course and break it down so you can make an informed decision.

Sam and Jo: Really, Who Are They?

va foundry sam browne and Jo jensen

Sam Browne and Jo Jensen are two amazing super sweet people who are kickass virtual assistants and Founders of The VA Foundry!

In 2019, they found each other and decided to collaborate on The International Virtual Assistant Summit where they had a stellar lineup of speakers to help VAs around the world grow their online businesses.

After the highly successful event, Sam and Jo figured out a method to build a high-quality course that helps beginners or professional virtual assistants make money and live life happily.

The two most popular courses are:

Jo Jensen is also the founder of New Zealand’s leading Virtual Assistant Agency – Strictly Savvy.

Strictly Savvys is a multi-million dollar VA agency with a team of 30+ individuals and is the go-to name for building a virtual assistant business in New Zealand.

Sam Browne is also the founder of Virtual Assistant Network New Zealand, which is the go-to resource for businesses in New Zealand.

Together, they have successfully helped 3500+ VAs start and grow their virtual assistant business.

If you think that’s less, Sam and Jo have a podcast with over 37,000 downloads and a loyal fanbase.

Uff they’re too good at their jobs, aren’t they!?

Is Launch In 30 Days Suited For You?

Sam and Jo’s The VA Foundry is the most practical online virtual assistant course out there, but is – Launch In 30 Days Course perfect for you?

Because the course isn’t for everyone! I mean that!

The VA Foundry is for you if:

  • You’re a beginner ready to learn and make money as a virtual assistant.
  • You need personalized help to make money online (Sam + Jo offer amazing personalized support!)
  • You’re looking into making passive income or quitting your day job.
  • You’re motivated and success-driven.
  • You’re willing to learn and implement everything Sam and Jo teach.
  • You have the funds to purchase The VA Foundry – Launch In 30 Days.

The VA Foundry is not for you if:

  • You’re a lazy person.
  • You’re not willing to spend 6-12 hours each week learning.
  • You don’t have the funds to purchase Launch in 30 Days Course.
  • You already have a thriving VA business (check out Scale It Mastermind instead!)

If you don’t have the budget and fall into the second category of people, don’t put money into this program!

Instead, figure out another way to earn money or waste time hoping you get rich quickly!

Instead, figure out another way to earn money or waste time hoping you get rich quickly!

(Note: This course is not suitable for established virtual assistants. Launch in 30 Days is a beginner level course for aspiring virtual assistants looking to start their business, find clients and make money online.)

VA Foundry Launch In 30 Days Cost & Refunds Breakdown

Sam and Jo’s Launch In 30 Days offers two-course versions, each with two payment options.

For the VIP version: Includes 5x Ask Us Anything group calls + Members-community

  1. One-time payment of $1,797 NZD (~$1,095 USD).
  2. Three monthly payments of $660 NZD (~$402 USD).

For the DIY version: 5x Ask us anything group calls + Members only community

  1. One-time payment of $1,397 NZD or $1,297 AUD (~$850 USD).
  2. Three monthly payments of $512 NZD or $474 AUD (~$312 USD).

All other course materials, bonuses, and templates remain the same in the DIY version.

They have a 30-day Pro Rata Refund Policy which means you can ask for a refund within 30 days of purchasing the course for the amount of remaining unused days.

Launch In 30 Days Course Breakdown

VA foundry launch in 30 days course Sam browne and Jo jensen

Launch in 30 days is structured in a practical way to get work done. This is a fast-paced program to ensure you launch a business in 30 days.

Every day you will receive one comprehensive training video (and helpful worksheets, templates, and additional items needed to start your VA business)

That means 30 days, 30 value-packed videos.

Sam and Jo don’t focus on niche selection that early in the business, which works well for you, as I’m sure most aspiring virtual assistants take months to figure out their perfect niche.

For instance, Day 3 is all about Pricing, Service Plans, and Packaging. You’ll learn to set your rates and create various packages for all types of services.

With that, you’ll also be getting a few Pricing Calculator Resources and tutorials on how to set things up.

Day 3 also includes plug-and-play Canva package templates and a lot more bonus material and freebies.

Here’s a quick overview of what’s covered in the modules.

  1. Foundation Building: Lay the groundwork for your virtual assistant business by defining its structure, services, and target clientele.
  2. Service Selection and Pricing: Choose your services wisely and establish competitive rates and service plans to appeal to your ideal clients.
  3. Brand Establishment: Create a compelling brand identity, including a business name, domain purchase, and the setup of email and social media handles.
  4. Financial Setup: Organize your finances by using financial tracking spreadsheets, and insurance quick reference guides and implement efficient productivity and tech tools to enhance the quality of your work.
  5. Creative Branding: Master the use of tools like Canva for logo creation, color theme selection, and development of brand photos and videos.
  6. Online Presence Optimization: Optimize your social media profiles for SEO, set up Google Business, and LinkedIn, and use testimonials template to build a robust online presence. Use productivity tools for time blocking and tech tools like Trello, Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, Password Manager, etc.
  7. Client Acquisition Strategies: Develop a strategic content plan for social media, utilize email templates for networking, and explore in-person and cold outreach strategies.
  8. Professional Documentation: Ensure legal soundness with contract templates, create proposal templates for potential leads, and master the 25-touch lead generation strategy.
  9. Client Management and Growth: Learn to onboard new clients efficiently with templates, manage invoicing, and track finances for a profitable VA business.
  10. Overall Business Launch: Summarize the entire process from assembling essentials to managing clients, providing a comprehensive guide on starting and growing a virtual assistant business.

All course modules come with practical and easy plug-and-play templates, tools, and resources that save you a heck lot of hours.

The templates Sam and Jo provide are a lifesaver. I mean that!

I took two full weeks building my website from scratch four years ago!

If I only had premium templates like Sam and Jo offer in this course, I could go live with a much better optimized-looking website!

You can easily choose their pre-made, well-optimized freelance virtual assistants template, which you can tweak as per your liking and get your website live in a day or two!

Thus helping you focus your attention on finding clients and making money faster!

Pros and Cons Of The VA Foundry

What I DID Like

Limited Students Enrolled Per Batch

Most virtual assistant courses have hundreds of newly enrolled students at a given time.

This means more personal attention for you! VA Foundry limits each live cohort to a mix of 30 students.

You get more attention, you make friends easily, and the community built is much stronger. VA Foundry gets a whole lot better cause of limited students!

Exceptional Personalized Support

With a maximum capacity of 30 students per cohort, you get insane personalized support!

You get personalized access to Two VA Coaches (multiple times per week), both industry experts running multi-million dollar businesses. Want to guess who they are…?

Most Practical and Comprehensive VA Course

I’ve reviewed 4 of the best VA courses online, and trust me, this is one of the best!

I couldn’t believe the level of detail the course offers and the amount of personal support, and comprehensive course material it provides.

All this justifies the pricey tag that comes with the course.

Every lesson offers tangible examples from real-life scenarios and provides clear, actionable steps that are easy to comprehend and put into practice.

VA Foundry literally covers everything you need to launch your VA career fast.

Embraces AI Tools Like ChatGPT for Faster Task Completion

2024 is the year of embracing AI tech tools like ChatGPT. How freelancers work today has drastically changed from a year ago.

New virtual assistants need to adapt to the latest technologies, and that means using AI tools like ChatGPT.

Sam and Jo extensively cover these topics (new tools, tech, and productivity software) in their course. This ensures you won’t be left behind the latest learning curves.

Helps Personalize Your Brand Messaging

Launch in 30 Days has an entire module dedicated to building and personalizing your brand. Most courses know how to teach skills necessary for the job but lack brand-building for freelancers.

This is just as important as freelancers end up messing up their brand image, which tends to repel clients.

Launch a VA Business in 30 Days

Jo and Sam aren’t scam experts! If they say you can launch your VA business in just 30 days, it’s because it can be done.

While progressing through the program, you are actively building your VA business, which makes the course that much more interesting and practical.

By the end, you’ve got everything set up to snag clients, and if you haven’t already, you’re good to go.

What I DIDN’T Like

Pricey VA Course

Compared to other best virtual assistant courses, VA Foundry’s Launch In 30 Days seems slightly expensive.

That said, Sam and Jo charge a bit extra because of their experience, and other successful virtual assistant businesses.

They both have multi-million dollar businesses outside VA Foundry, which makes them highly skilled and valuable!

Limited Time Access

Most courses today come with lifetime access and future updates to the course, but do not Launch in 30 Days!

This VA Foundry course comes with 90 days’ worth of access. The course is designed to be completed in 30 days, and the extra 60 days are provided to skim through the course materials again and master everything.

The logic behind 90 days is to keep you accountable to take action NOW so you make money off your VA business in as little as 30 days.

Curriculum Tailored for New Zealand and Australia

Jo and Sam are from New Zealand and know the tax laws and best financial practices of that country.

There are a few aspects of this course, that are especially suited if you stay either in Australia or New Zealand.

While this is a plus point for people in those places, it would be better to add on these aspects for other countries as well.

30-Day Pro Rata Refund Policy

The VA Foundry offers a 30-day pro-rata Refund Policy, which means you can request a refund in 30 days after purchasing the course for the amount of remaining unused days.

For instance, if you used the course for 10 days and ask for a refund, you would be eligible for a refund calculated in 80 days (Course time frame: 90 Days)

I find this concept fair as it compensates the time and efforts spent by the VA Foundry team and also fairly refunds students wishing to exit the course.

Positive & Negative VA Foundry Reviews

  • Bri McDonald – This course far exceeded my expectations. The tools and support provided throughout the course are amazing. Sam + Jo are very knowledgeable and go above and beyond to support new virtual assistants heading into the industry. Before starting Launch in 30 Days, I knew I wanted to launch my business but didn’t know how or where to start. This training gave me everything I needed to bring on my first client. Right now I’m up to lucky client number six. I have built my business faster than I could have imagined. Therefore, I 110% recommend Launch in 30 Days to anyone considering it. You will not regret it! During my first month, I brought in $7,000, excluding GST. Several months in, I am on track to earn $10,000 (excluding GST) monthly.
  • Jessica Blackie – Launch in 30 Days is full of practical advice that has been tailored to suit all VAs starting out. The course covered everything I needed including the encouragement, support, and push required to launch my business. Before the 30 days was up I was generating new leads AND landed my first $5k client. Thanks to Sam + Jo my self-belief and confidence have skyrocketed. I’m super excited for the rest of my journey.

Best VA Foundry Launch In 30 Days Alternatives

While Launch in 30 Days is one of the most sought-after courses out there, it is best suited for folks from New Zealand and Australia.

If you’re from other countries, these are the best VA Foundry Course Alternatives that you need to check out next!

🏆 Best Virtual Assistant Courses (2024) 🏆

1. The SavvySystem (review)4.8
2. Scale It Mastermind by Sam and Jo (review)4.6
3. Launch In 30 Days by Sam and Jo (review)4.5
1. 90 Day VA (review)4.6
2. Virtual Excellence Academy (review)4.5
3. $10K VA4.1

🏆 Best Virtual Assistant Courses (2024) 🏆

1. The SavvySystem (review)4.8
2. Scale It Mastermind by Sam and Jo (review)4.6
3. Launch In 30 Days by Sam and Jo (review)4.5
1. 90 Day VA (review)4.6
2. Virtual Excellence Academy (review)4.5
3. $10K VA4.1

Is VA Foundry Worth It?

Launch in 30 days students meetup

I believe Launch in 30 Days is worth the big bucks simply cause it delivers big time by providing high-quality course materials and a solid framework for approaching the virtual assistant business.

If you’re an Aussie or from New Zealand, this course is perfect for you!

If you’re not from Australia or New Zealand, VA Foundry is still a great course, but other VA courses are equally good and more suited for the global audience.

While I would still prefer lifetime access to the course, I believe Sam and Jo’s 30-day course is perfect for beginners with little to no experience in the VA space.

The course covers everything to learn about being a virtual assistant in 2024, from the how-tos to brand building to tech tools like Airtable, AI tools like ChatGPT, and so much more.

Don’t forget the personalized support Sam and Jo offer on-call multiple times per week via Zoom and their Facebook group!

It’s a shortcut for those trying to build an online business and is certainly a course I recommend for beginners.

If their doors are closed right now, and you don’t want to wait for the next cohort to start, you could try their DIY option, which is a less expensive version of the course and includes all of the course and bonus materials – just without the community and live calls!

If you’re still unsure about the journey, I suggest giving their Popular VA mini-course a try. It’s super affordable!

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  • You have a question or feedback
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