22 Stupid Easy Part Time Job Ideas For Lazy People

Stupid easy part time job ideas for lazy people

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Sometimes all we need to make 20% more than our day job is a part-time job!

Looking to make money on the side? This is the guide you need to read! Here are 22 part-time job ideas that are highly flexible and will surely make you enough money to get rich.

22 Stupid Easy Part-Time Job Ideas For Lazy People

1. Data Entry

If your sole purpose is to make a lot of money, even if your job profile is boring, Data Entry may be the right choice for you. 

Data Entry includes entering data from various sources into a computer, basically handling information that may be sensitive and valuable. 

This work is monotonous and hectic. So if you have this job, don’t blame me, I told you so but the pay is great. I suggest you try it out and see if it works for you. 

Some find it fun and can do it for long periods, but some can’t stand it. So try it before you completely reject this option!

If you want to learn Data Entry, here’s a course on Udemy that will help you – Data Entry Course For Beginners.

2. Creating Websites

creating websites part time job

What’s more important than having a social media presence? Have a landing page, and a website to sell your products and services. 

Every company has to have a website, it’s important, google values websites and helps your business grow, so it’s obvious that you should create a website. 

Most people don’t know how to go about creating a website, it seems daunting but it’s not that difficult. You can earn quite some money creating websites for companies. 

You’ll need to learn about how to create a website. I recommend using WordPress CMS, I use it and it’s much easier, faster, and SEO-friendly than other platforms. 

As for the Hosting provider, I use Hostinger and I love it! It’s one of the fastest website hosting platforms with affordable plans, Litespeed Servers, a FREE domain, and SSL to help you start and run a profitable online business.

You can use Hostinger to create multiple websites for you and for your clients. And don’t worry about slow page speed scores as they use Litespeed servers (basically – super fast speeds).

3. Car Salesman

The ability to sell something is not a skill everyone possesses but if you can sell a product or service or people tend to agree and listen to your opinions, choosing your part-time job as a car salesman is a great option. 

One great concept about sales is that your salary is limited but your bonuses can be unlimited. That means if you sell more, you earn more in commissions. 

You can get anywhere from 3% to 10% of car value. That’s a really good amount considering the number of people buying cars. 

A perfect part-time highly lucrative job where you can make money on your own time. 

4. Content Writer

A content writer is a writer that can draft creative information in written format. Like writing articles on a particular topic and posting it on the internet!

Topics such as “51 exercises to do for a massive chest” or “How to arrange flowers in a vase in 5 simple steps” are quite valuable to businesses in those particular niches.

On this website, I write content, thus I’m a content writer. Similarly, companies need content writers, help them and they’ll pay you a decent amount. 

To get started as a content writer, apply to companies that are currently hiring content writers and specify that you wish to work part-time, then you’ll be asked to write an article on a topic (the company usually chooses the topic) to see if you can write a good article.

Once you submit the article, they’ll review it and if they like it you’ll be called and the job will be yours! 

Full-time work isn’t compulsory, just complete deadlines and be punctual, avoid plagiarism and try reducing grammatical mistakes. 

5. Receptionist

receptionist easy part time job ideas

There’s a rumor that receptionists are low-skilled poor people but that’s far from the truth. For most people that knock at the door, you’re the face, so people know you. 

Plus you engage in conversations and try to solve their problems, this improves your skills.

A receptionist is always on their toes, trying to reduce customer queries and handle multiple tasks at once. 

Initially, your payment may be the bare minimum but as you learn new skills and grow over time, your payment will be worthwhile! 

6. Bartender

With a flexible schedule, entertaining work profile, getting into conversation, and listening to jokes if that sounds interesting, a bartender is a great part-time job idea. 

You’ll need to be attentive, multitask, get more creative and keep a smiling face most of the time. 

Bartending can boost your confidence levels, plus you’ll make people happy (provided you serve them a delicious drink).

Bartending requires maintaining a social profile, maybe that’s not you, don’t worry, keep scrolling and reading for more part-time job ideas.

7. Social Media Marketer

You’re consuming this piece of content through Google. Many people that visit my blog come from social media channels like YouTube, Pinterest, and Instagram.

Back to the topic, social media plays a very important role to popularise a brand or its products. 

It does a phenomenal job to get individuals from all walks of life to see and interact with images posted by the company.

This in turn generates profits and makes the brand more recognizable. 

No company wants to take social media for granted, and because most entrepreneurs have little to no knowledge about social media, they hire part-time or full-time individuals like you and me to fill in the gaps. 

I think a part-time social media job can be a highly lucrative job and may pay the best returns for your time. 

If you want to learn social media marketing, I recommend you take up this course on Udemy – Social Media Marketing Mastery.

8. Dishwashing At Restaurants

It’s not gross! It’s not a low-grade job. It’s not the last option you’ve got!

Many individuals want to make money by doing side hustles or part-time jobs but while choosing a stream to move forward they look at if their ego is satisfied. 

I mean that dishwashing is a poor man’s job people say but if you keep your ego and old beliefs aside for a second, they earn quite well and the job doesn’t need any intellectual abilities. 

You just got to clean the dishes. You’re helping people and making money, that’s not wrong. 

Dishwashing can be a very good part-time job cause if your restaurant allows you to only come when there are dishes to wash; if the restaurant closes at 11 pm, then you’re required to in the kitchen probably from 10 pm to 12 pm.

Sage Tip: By choosing a part-time job like dishwashing you can do three jobs in total. For Example – One – your day job(9 – 5); Two – your 1st part-time job (6 – 9); Three – dishwashing sort of job (10 – 12).

9. Chef

chef part time job

Did the movie “Ratatouille” or “Chef” ignite the chef in you to cook? Then why not make money while doing what you love? I love cooking and I’d love to cook and earn money. 

Chefs get a decent salary and hundreds of part-time job openings in the culinary world. 

You’ll learn 100 new recipes, you’ll be faster than ever, and you’ll face hardships too but you’ll have additional income without learning a new skill or a professional degree in hand. 

Who knows one day you’ll own the restaurant you’re currently working in, thus leaving your day job and making twice or thrice as much as being a chef. 

A great perk of working here – you get a lot of free food to munch on!

10. Food/Product Delivery Driver

Want to help eliminate Hunger in your neighborhood? Become a food delivery driver.

It’s so simple to do, you don’t need skills, it’s part-time and you’re helping people to eat, you’re not even talking that much (for introverts). 

All in all, this seems to be a good easy and adventurous job that you shouldn’t miss. Sometimes you get tips, so that’s extra money in your pockets. 

You only need two things – A driver’s license and you need to be at least 18 (may vary depending on your country). 

11. Customer service

Have you ever hated a company for its bad quality product and then after a few moments loved the company? 

The reason may probably be because of their amazingly sweet and quick customer service team. In this digital age, customer service is key to any business that wants to play the long game. 

Customers have queries and they want immediate answers, a great customer service representative can be of very very high value to any company. 

I use Amazon most of the time only because I like their customer service speed. They call me in less than a minute every time I have a query (which is a lot!!!). 

If you’re an extrovert, you’ll love this job. If you’re an introvert, you need to learn basic communication skills and there’s no better way than being a part-time customer service representative. 

12. Fitness Instructor

fitness instructor

Are you a fitness enthusiast? Do you like gymming, HIIT workouts, cardiovascular exercises, calisthenics, or other forms of fitness exercises? 

It’s easy to be fitness but it’s difficult to guide someone, for that you’ve got to know your stuff. 

The best way to go about it is first to try out the exercises on yourself for a month at least, then recommend them to others. 

You also need to learn about nutrition such as which food is good and which is not. What will grow your muscles and what will increase fat? 

How’s the body’s anatomy and which exercises will affect which body part? A great advantage of a fitness instructor is personal training

So you’ll get more because now people are paying extra to be trained personally. 

13. Proofreading Papers

Proofreading is important because it ensures you don’t put out any wrong or falsified information. 

Plus it makes your information look flawless and awesome. Proofreading is a difficult task, cause you’re rechecking what someone has already written and worked on. 

You’ll find grammatical mistakes, spelling mistakes, logical errors, etc. Identify them and correct them. 

Companies like Cactus Communications allow people in the science field to proofread research papers and make money. Find a company like Cactus or proofread as a freelancer. 

Knowadays (previously known as Proofreading Academy) is one of the best courses for proofreading. I’ve done a detailed review here, If you’re interested in being a successful proofreader, check it out – Knowadays Review.

There’s another proofreading course that I like and that’s Proofread Anywhere! You can check out my review on Proofread Anywhere here.

Caitlin, founder of Proofread Anywhere has provided enough content to help you make a 5-6 figure income as a freelancer.

You can check out her course details here.

Right now, she has a 76-minute proofreading workshop that can help you get started as a proofreader. Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • 5 signs proofreading could be the perfect fit for you
  • The basics of proofreading
  • How to land huge clients and make money

If you’re interested, here’s the link to the free workshop.

🏆 Best Proofreading Courses (2024) 🏆

1. Knowadays (review)4.8
2. Proofread Anywhere (review)4.7

🏆 Best Proofreading Courses (2024) 🏆

1. Knowadays (review)4.8
2. Proofread Anywhere (review)4.7

14. Sports Coach

If your love for sports exceeds working at your day job, a sports coach is a fitting job profile. The best part of coaching is you don’t really need a license to start teaching students. 

This can be a local business or a part-time job for a sports coach. If you can take a certification course, that’ll be an added advantage to your income! 

Timings are flexible as you’ll need to take sessions of 1-2 hours. The more sessions you take, the more you make. 

Don’t miss being a sports coach if you like playing, this will also help you relax and have some fun in life while learning to teach students.

15. Sound Manager For Outdoors

Restaurants, pubs, local eateries, and hotels, all have sound systems in place to make their customers feel good. 

Music plays a very important role in changing the mood of a person. An instrumental song can soothe a person, and a rock song can cheer you up. 

Usually, these eateries outsource their sound needs to companies instead of buying all the speakers, placing them, hiring a person to check if it works, and solving all the problems that speakers can create. 

Find out where these companies lie and work for them, you’ll learn about sound systems, restaurants, and pubs, you’ll probably get free entry and great discounts at such places. 

The pay is decent but the perks are great. Music lovers should not miss this part-time job idea at any cost!

16. Painting/Musical Tuitions

painting tuitions

A simple yet money-making part-time job is tuition.

People love painting and singing and the ones who don’t know how to paint and sing will pay to learn it simply because individuals like to be around other individuals who know to play an instrument or paint like a professional! 

The best thing about this is making money from the comfort of your home. Yea some tutors go the extra mile to the student’s house to teach but I’m sure they get extra incentives to do that. 

Once you make enough, you can start an actual class in a classroom and scale your tiny business. Hobby tuitions usually tend to make decent to awesome profits.

17. Survey Market Research

Survey Market research is two-fold, one where you fill out surveys online and get paid depending on how many surveys you fill, and the second is when you work for a company that deals with market research. 

Both have pros and cons, the question you need to ask yourself is whether you’ll be happier working alone or want to work for a company. 

Pay scales of both these are somewhat similar, some research proves that market research companies pay better but have less time flexibility. 

Read More >>> 15 Best Survey Sites To Make Money Online

18. Caretaker

Babysitters, caretakers, and animal caretakers, all come under this category. If you love kids or animals, you’re going to enjoy this part-time job. 

It’s entertaining and way more difficult than you may think. Yea there is no special professional skill necessary but your basic skills are tested and chances are you’ll fail quite a lot! 

But it’s fun taking care of babies and teaching them to grow smart. 

19. Teacher/Tutor

teaching part time job

Didn’t you see this coming? Teachers make a difference in people’s lives, they teach different subjects to students and widen their knowledge. 

You can teach good values, ethics, and knowledgeable things to a student. If you like to speak and you’re good at explaining concepts, being a student is a great part-time job idea for you. 

If you’re bored with the same work day in and day out, you’ll love teaching cause you’re always faced with a new problem, a new question. 

Take this a step further by recording your lectures (if possible) and creating an online course. 

People all over the world want great teachers to teach them, they’ll pay you if your course could provide value to their minds. 

20. Security Guard

Working as a security guard is flexible, but not so easy. You’ll need to be attentive at all times. 

Most security guards work a night shift or a morning shift, I’m assuming if this is your part-time job, a night shift is ideal for you. But that may mean your sleep is hampered. 

Figure out a time slot that is convenient for you and start working. Security guards are in high demand, which means your Spidey senses need to be active. 

21. Rideshare Driver

One of the obvious benefits of being a rideshare driver is working on your own time. This job offers the most flexibility with time. 

Anytime you’re free, just press a button and your part-time job is active. You’ll receive details on whom to pick from where and where to drop off. It’s easy and fun. 

You get to interact with people and improve your communication skills. 

Sage Tip – If you have a vehicle, on your way back from work, be a rideshare driver, and you’ll earn on your way home. 

22. Host

A host is basically a person who makes an event fun and joyful. Their work is to not bore a person and bring a smile to others’ faces. 

The work of a host isn’t easy, you have to plan, organize, rehearse, and keep a bunch of jokes ready (Funny jokes!) and you need to make the audience comfortable. 

They should feel like talking to you and interacting in the program. 

You also need to be good with time management and your communication skills need to be top-notch. 

For weddings, birthday parties, and any place where people are gathered, a host is required.

If you are someone with this type of skill set, then being a host is a great choice for you to make part-time money. 

The Best Part-Time Jobs For You

I’m sure you want to get rich quickly but that’s not going to happen if you only have one job, side hustles and part-time jobs are common today and many people are doing it to earn more on the side. This is an easy way to fill some cash in your pockets.  

The Formula To Get Rich Quick

One Full-Time Job + One part-time Job + One Side Hustle = Ultimate Success & Money Making Formula. 

Solely focusing on additional income sources won’t make you wealthy, you need to save and invest the money too. 

Assuming you follow all of this properly, I’m sure your Get Rich Quick dream will soon be a reality. 

Don’t give up, keep pushing and workṣ in hard and work more!

What part-time job do you do? If you don’t have one yet, it’s time you pick one and start immediately. Time is of the essence!

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      If these part-time job ideas seem difficult, don’t worry! Start learning a new skill and use that skill to make money. Tip: Try monetizing that skill online!

      1. Hey Auger,
        Pick one or two of the above part time job ideas, read about how to learn these skills online, follow the steps and I’m sure you’ll get a job and make money. That said, it’s obviously not easy (nothing in life is!). You won’t get valuable things for free, some hard work is essential.

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