11 Brutal Sacrifices You Must Make If You Want To Get Rich

Brutal Sacrifices You Must Make If You Want To Get Rich

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To be rich, you’ve got to act as the rich do. If you want to be rich, there will be a lot of sacrifices on your way to the top. Brace yourself as I explain you the brutal sacrifices you have to make to be rich like Richie rich.

While some win the lottery and others inherit their wealth, many people reach their high peak of massive wealth by sacrificing a lot on their journey to get rich. 

Yes, you guessed it right, this isn’t going to be an easy read and most will find this quite stressful. For the ordinary, it may seem impossible.

But if you think you’re not ordinary and want to get rich and have massive wealth from life, you need to know one thing – There are a lot of Sacrifices. If you’re up for it, I wish you luck. I believe you can do this!

I recommend you read this article once a month so that you don’t lose track of the sacrifices you need to make to get rich.

11 Brutal Sacrifices You Must Make If You Want To Get Rich

1. Drive an old car

Most famously successful and rich Individuals were asked the one sacrifice they easily remember doing, more than 40% said driving an old car. This not only refers to buying a car, but any expense be it big or small, must be avoided. 

If you think about it, you don’t need a new iPhone or new earphones, laptops, clothes, jewellery and the list goes on and on. Save all of this money and reinvest it back in your wealth creation funnel. If it ain’t broke, don’t buy a new one. 

Poor people stay poor trying to get rich by buying expensive things while the rich keep getting rich by not buying the things poor do. 

2. Rent the cheapest apartment

You’ll have to live frugally till the point you accumulate massive wealth to spend on whatever you like. Renting or paying a mortgage is by far the most expensive expense a person could have. Think of ways you can eliminate it, all of the money you save can be reinvested in your company or saved for your future. 

Jacob Lumby and his wife used to save 80% or more of their income by staying in mobile homes to avoid the expensive costs of renting or buying a real house.

If you’re willing to make a sacrifice as they did, you’re on the right track. Keep going!

3. Travel only to the grocery store

Sucks doesn’t it! No travel till you make it big! Well, that’s the truth, travelling to even a nearby town uses some cash. And when you’re in a state of financial success, there is very little if any space for wants. 

The only place you should and can travel freely is your grocery store, bring fresh foods and try keeping a healthy diet in check. Travelling is comfort which will come after many years of you constantly trying to achieve your dreams.

Once you’re at the place where you want to be, travelling to new countries and staying in the best of houses will be your daily routine. 

4. Maintaining Social distancing from friends and family

The road to financial success is so difficult that it’s almost impossible to give time to anyone else other than the things that get you rich. Cutting off those friends who try to pull you down is obvious. 

They are toxic and maintaining a distance from them is the best way. You might have heard a lot of self-made millionaires and billionaires saying that the greatest thing about being rich is that they get to spend time with their friends and family as much as they’d like without fearing or losing money or being fired from the job. 

Start observing these people and you’ll see that they don’t have to get married and have children in their 20s, though there are a few exceptions to this. 

I know it sounds crazy but the path to financial riches demands your undivided attention and complete focus on the things that make you rich. Everything else is secondary. 

5. Health

I am a big believer in staying healthy and eating healthy, but this article isn’t about that, isn’t it? So here’s the brutally honest sacrifice you need to make to get rich – Your health takes a toll. 

The cycle is so weird, most rich Individuals focus all their efforts on getting rich and ignoring their health and once they are rich, they use their money to get in shape, eat healthy and practise healthy habits. 

But if you eat healthy food every day, won’t you have a healthy lifestyle? Sort of! It’s the stress that spoils your health, not the food. 

Yes, you can eat highly nutritious foods but the stress you have and the countless sleepless nights due to over exhausting yourself, constantly thinking about your success and failures will surely take a heavy toll on your health. 

The only way to get past this is by managing the stress and sleeping more while eating healthy. 

6. Entertainment, Entertainment, Entertainment

May I blow your mind with an amazing fact? You don’t need to binge-watch all 12 seasons of The Big Bang Theory. Plus if you’re determined to be rich, entertainment shouldn’t even be the last thing in your mind. 

Once you start watching your favourite series (mine’s friends), you’re not going to stop, thus wasting a lot of your precious time. And by now I hope you know that Time is more important than Money. Entertainment doesn’t have to be binge-watching, know what yours is and stop it altogether. 

You don’t need to spend time on social media unless your business needs social media presence, you don’t need to watch movies unless you want to become a producer. Maybe some entertainment for the time you should reward yourself is okay but don’t exceed it.

7. Your Hobbies

Hobbies are the perfect de-stressing agents, are they! And that’s why we all should have a hobby. But to maintain a hobby, it needs your time, efforts, brain all of which should completely focus on getting you to the goal you want to reach. 

Sure if your hobby is your road to financial riches, put your best efforts and spend time and financial resources on improving your hobby, but if it’s not, don’t think twice before you slowly stop spending time on your hobbies. 

A hobby should be the last thing on your mind. Maybe once you get rich, spending time doing what you want is fine but when you’re broke or just getting started, believe me – don’t do it.

8. Your Time

Time is Money, I bet you’ve heard it all the time especially from your parents. Well good news, they aren’t completely wrong. Time is more valuable than money. 

You may not have money to fund your business but if you can put in the countless hours, you can make it big or someone else can fund your business knowing that you put in the hours. 

The amount of time you may take to make it big depends on your emotional intelligence, the time you take to learn, your focus levels and the volume of work you’re willing to do every day to get to that point. 

Ask yourself this simple question – Are you ready to eat cheap food for several years to eat gourmet food once you get rich for the rest of your life? 

Sage Tip: The more time you invest in yourself, the faster you’ll succeed. 

9. Sleep

Sleep sacrifice if you want to get rich

Do you know how many hours Elon Musk sleeps? Or Dwayne Johnson? Or countless other people who want to reach new heights? I’m positive it is way less than the hours you sleep. 

Yes, sleep is essential and a good night sleep results in higher productivity but do you know what also results in more productivity? The amount of time you work. So cutting down on sleep to utilise those hours working is the ideal thing you should do when you’re on your path to financial riches. 

That doesn’t mean you sleep for 4 hours and work for 8, leaving 12 hours not accounted for. Instead of sleep for 5-6 hours, work for 14-16 hours is something you would consider doing if being wealthy is a serious goal for you.

Dwayne Johnson, even though he is a wealthy person, sleeps only for 3-5 hours a day, the rest – He Hustles! 

10. Parties and fun gatherings

This goes without saying, late-night parties, fun gatherings or any sort of entertainment end up costing you a lot of time and even money cause you need to dress good, pay entry fees (for a pub), maybe buy a gift and spend on travelling. 

Not only that but the next day you’re all tired and sleepy because of lack of sleep, tiredness due to partying. Now you’re in no mood of working resulting in one full day wasted on nothing, and why! 

Just because you wanted to attend a party. Don’t do this to yourself. Even the little you sleep make sure you sleep well, the little you work is way better than no work at all. When all your friends are having fun, you’re hustling, when all your friends are drinking booze, you’re working hard to be rich one day. 

You’re dreams and aspirations are way bigger than theirs, don’t sell yourself short. The next time your friends invite you for a party, politely say NO.

11. Impatience and Low Self-Esteem

Good things take time, great things take a very long time. Understand this principle very carefully. Don’t expect getting amazing results by just putting in 3-4 months on hard work. 

The average person takes about 7-10 years to have a net worth of a million dollars. You will get rich but it won’t happen next month, maybe not even next year. It will take time but you’ll surely get great results. 

Low self-esteem will pull you away from your goal, so keep your head up high and maintain high self-esteem at all times.

Sacrifice Today To Get Rich Tomorrow

The road to riches isn’t an easy one. You need to cut costs all the time. Avoid spending on something you don’t need, save as much as you can, maintain a budget, resist temptations and continue to live frugally. 

While all this is surely not appealing, sacrifice is an integral part of getting where you want to. Let me be clear, you don’t need to sacrifice all the 11 things mentioned in this list, but you’d have to sacrifice most of them and even some which might be important to you and cost a fortune. 

Note: All your sacrifices are in the short term, not forever. In the long term, you’ll get all that you desire from life if you sacrifice today. 

Don’t stress too much on sacrificing, even rich millionaires love to spend some cash on luxuries to make the journey to riches easier. 

A cup of coffee from Starbucks won’t crash your budget, even if it’s every day. It’s all the unnecessary expenses along with your cup of coffee that crash your budget. 

My suggestion – Pick what’s important to you and spend on that, scrap the rest. If that’s coffee, sure buy that cup and enjoy its soothing taste but don’t indulge in a lunch outside or a huge apartment or a nice phone, you get the point. 

Spend on a thing which isn’t that expensive (that which provides happiness) and don’t ever spend on anything else. Now, that’s how you sacrifice while staying sane.

What’s the alternative to this life?

Getting rich isn’t for all, if you want to live a mediocre life, that’s all right. But if you can’t stop imagining the life you may have once you get rich and if you’re willing to put in the efforts and sacrifice the things which bring the most comfort to you, read each point slowly, carefully and understand them as much as you possibly can. 

The alternative is trying to struggle all your life, always cursing someone else for your problems, trying your level best to pay loans without being broke and budgeting every expense to ensure you have money left for your child’s education. 

Yes, these are a few problems you’re going to face sooner or later. Why not start now? Why not struggle a little bit more now so that you won’t have to struggle ever again? Why not give it your best today? 

Why not promise yourself that you’ll never be short of money and always provide everything your family wants? Don’t say you can’t do it, that’s a lie. You don’t want to do it because you think you can’t do it! I believe you can achieve massive wealth and become a millionaire/billionaire in a few years if you start today. 

What sacrifices according to you is the bare minimum if your goal is to achieve financial success?

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