10 Simple Habits That Will Change Your Life Forever

Simple Habits That Will Change Your Life Forever

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Let’s be honest, we all want things that can make us more successful. And if I’m still being honest, it all boils down to specific habits you learn that will bring you success. 

All the 10 habits below will improve you in different ways, some will improve your emotional intelligence while some will improve your mental skills. 

Some will make you more confident and smart while some will keep you humble and kind at heart. 

Making these habits a part of your life will be challenging at first but as every habit takes 21 days to be a habit, if you practice these 10 habits for at least 21 days, I’m pretty sure that you’ll be transformed into a human you’d be glad to meet.

If that sounds interesting, let’s dig into the 10 habits you need to follow right away!

10 Simple Habits That Will Change Your Life Forever

1. Say ‘Thank You’, ‘Please’ and Smile

good habits to follow

Do you cherish life? Are you always trying ways to be happy? We all have bad days, some have bad days every day, but that doesn’t mean you don’t deserve happiness. 

You may never know how the other person’s day has been, so don’t be rude and spoil their day even more. 

I get it, you may have a hectic and demanding lifestyle, and you may have too much work, thus you may sound rude at times when you talk to your subordinates and that’s wrong even though you didn’t mean to be rude. 

Instead of saying, ‘Give me the files’ say ‘Could you please give me the files’. Instead of saying, ‘Yea I received the files’ say ‘Thanks, I received it’. 

It may not sound like much of a deal to say small words like Thank You and Please but to the person, it may mean a lot. 

Maybe he never gets thanked by anyone or maybe everyone in his life always demands and doesn’t request. 

Maybe he’s having financial problems and is very stressed out. You don’t know what the other person is going through, so even if your intentions are not to be rude, you may sound rude to the other person. 

The solution – Add words like Thank you, Please in your sentences wherever possible. Did you know a smile could change anyone’s mood? You don’t need to know the person to smile at them. 

Try giving a subtle smile to 3 people you don’t know and 3 people you know each day. This will not only make the other person happy, but it will also bring happiness and optimism in your life

2. Sleep Some More

Get some more sleep

Don’t we always talk about running from one place to another, doing one thing and then without wasting time shifting to the second task, ensuring you keep procrastination away and hustle hard? Work, exercise, meet friends, go out for parties, work again, the cycle never ends. 

In all this, our sleep is affected, so one of the key habits you need to develop is to sleep just a little bit more than you usually do. 

It’s so important for you to take a rest and relax, but due to our hectic lifestyle, relaxing has become a thing for the weak. 

When I say relaxing, It does include meditating and walking or listening to soothing songs while sipping your coffee. So indulge in relaxing and sleeping some more. Try sleeping enough so you’re prepared for the next day.

While you sleep, make sure your room is cool, shut the drapes to make the room dark, do some breathing exercises if you find it hard to sleep, don’t drink or eat for an hour before you sleep, and don’t use your phone’s at least 30 minutes before you sleep. Follow this and you’ll sleep like a baby!

3. Get Up Early

Getting up early can be a game-changer for you (If you want to be successful of course!). 

Getting up 1 or 2 hours earlier than most people gives you the edge over all the others. 

This additional time you create is for yourself. You can do whatever you want at this time and when everybody wakes up, you’re already done with your stuff, now you can start working. 

Early mornings are great because everything around you is quiet, there are no phone calls, no emails, and no distractions whatsoever

It’s just you, your mind, and your tasks for the morning. Maybe you want an extra hour to work out or go for a morning walk write emails to your clients or meditate. 

You can do it at this time without anyone trying to talk to you. Successful people have figured out the early morning trick and use it to improve their lives for the better. 

If you sleep at 11 p.m., don’t be surprised if you try waking up at 4 a.m. and feeling like a dead animal already.

The best way is by slowly walking up 15 minutes earlier than the previous day. 

So if you got up at 7 a.m. yesterday, set an alarm for 6:45 and see how it works, then 6:30, then 6:00. Some get up at 4, most people I’ve heard about get up at 5:30 and I recommend you try to do the same. 

I get up at 5:30, sometimes at 6! Once you’re up, drink a glass of water, wash your face, and get ready for your day. 

4. Be responsible with your money

Another habit you just can’t afford to avoid is being responsible with your money.

Money may not bring you happiness but money does pay the bills and pays for the expensive things you want in life right? And I’m sure that brings happiness.

So instead of being ignorant and avoiding the truth about your personal finance, take a step to break down what your personal finance journey looks like.

Do you have any debt? If you do have debt, what’s your strategy to pay it off as soon as you can? Do you fall for marketing gimmicks thus impulsive buying? 

Are you saving enough for your future? Do you have a budget that shows you where your money flows each month? 

If you’re quiet right now, it’s because you don’t know what to say, let me be honest, you’re going to have a tough time ahead. 

Making a plan for your money is important, it’s possible to spend all the time and hope to have money in the bank. 

So your first task is to answer all of the questions above, all of them!

Then I want you to read these articles, slowly, understand each word, and start implementing it in your life. 

  1. How to track your expenses in 6 steps
  2. The 50/30/20 Rule of Budgeting
  3. How to Invest in Stocks
  4. 6 Easy Weekend Job Ideas
  5. Debt Snowball and Debt Avalanche

Assuming you’ve read all the five topics, you should be able to answer the above questions. 

Keep tracking your expenses, saving money, and investing your money wisely.

5. Maintain Personal Hygiene at all times

Maintain Personal Hygiene at all times

Good hygiene means a lower risk of acquiring diseases and illnesses usually spread through viruses and various other bacteria. 

Not only that, a person with good hygiene is respected whereas a person who smells and has no manners is avoided in all instances. 

It also impacts your physical and mental health, lowers self-esteem, and reduces confidence. Women have better hygiene skills than men and that’s why they seem more smart and attractive compared to the average man. 

If you want to be respected and want to be heard, you better take proper care of your hygiene game.

Here are a few things you can do to improve your Hygiene:

  1. Bathe regularly
  2. Wash your face twice a day
  3. Brush your teeth twice a day
  4. Apply deodorant (even if you don’t sweat)
  5. Eat gum or mouth freshener mint if your mouth stinks
  6. Don’t make noise when you eat your meals
  7. Trim your nails
  8. Cough with your hands on your face
  9. Don’t dig your nose in public
  10. Shampoo your hair regularly to avoid dandruff
  11. Wash your hands every time you touch anything that 100 others have touched.
  12. Comb your hair
  13. Iron your clothes

Follow these 13 hygiene tips and you’ll instantly take your hygiene from a 2.5 to 87.7! I’m confident of that, why? 

Because a person who maintains proper hygiene is usually confident and knows how to be presentable.

6. Plan Your Day The Night Before

Preparing for your day the night before is a great habit you need to learn. 

We spoke about getting up early and doing the things you want to before everyone wakes up. 

That’s two hours only for you and your needs. So to ensure you don’t miss being super efficient in that time, it’s best to maintain a task list. 

You could create it first thing in the morning but creating it the night before, that’s taking the extra step. 

So when you wake up at 5:30 the next day, you open your book and you know right away how to start your day. 

But if you like preparing your task list first thing in the morning, feel free to do it in the morning. There’s nothing wrong with it. 

Here’s a simple and powerful task manager (to-do list app), use this to write down your tasks and improve your productivity!

7. Get Your Priorities Right

Who’s more important – Your friends or your family? What’s more important – Netflix or a walk with your friend?

Working on your side hustle or Scrolling on Instagram? The difference between an average person and a successful person is not their money or their knowledge, which does play an important role in their success, but they can prioritize one task over another. 

If you don’t learn to prioritize, you’re always going to end up making the wrong decision. What should you choose, I would choose family over friends, a walk with a friend over Netflix, and working on my side hustle over scrolling on Instagram. 

Being lazy is a habit almost every person faces so the simplest way to choose a priority is by asking – What’s In It For Me? Or What’s the Long-Term Impact of This Decision? Your friends may leave you tomorrow but your family will never leave you. 

Similarly, by working on your side hustles, you’re generating income that secures your financial future and takes you closer to financial freedom. 

When it comes to habits, you have to think of how it can help me and my close surroundings grow for the better. 

Watching Netflix won’t grow you (unless you want to be a movie producer!).

8. Write Down Your Goals

write your goals simple habits

Do you have long-term goals? Take a minute to write down three long-term goals you want. Then come back and read the article. 

Assuming you’ve written your goals, now you have an opportunity to think about achieving them. It’s all about small changes in your life that will bring the biggest impact. 

How are you bringing your goals closer to you? How are you ensuring that in 5 or 10  years from today, you’ll achieve all three plus a few extra goals? The basic logic of creating a plan for your goals is 

1. Create a plan
2. Make changes in the plan
3. Throw away the failed plan
4. Make a new plan
5. Execute the new plan! 

This should be your goal-setting layout. Be ready for failures during the process, as you already know failure is natural so why cry over it, instead find another way (make a new plan) and execute it.

9. Stay Hydrated By Drinking Water

An extremely important habit we all should add to our to-do list is drinking water. 

This may sound so not important but the fact is that an average person drinks less water than he should be consuming. 

Staying hydrated is important for several reasons like

  • Improves physical performance
  • Boost mental abilities
  • Keeps you active and charged
  • Makes you feel optimistic
  • Keeps you away from headaches
  • Helps in weight loss
  • Keeps you away from junk
  • Will help you make better decisions
  • Cleans your body of some toxins

There are so many benefits to drinking H2O but how much water should you drink? 

How much you need depends on your body weight but in general, 2 liters of water (65 ounces) is recommended. 

Don’t overdose yourself with water. Anything above 5 liters may be dangerous for you and can cause Water Intoxication

You’re probably low on water levels right now, so for the next week, try drinking more water and within the first day, you’ll see some amazing results.

Say no to aerated drinks/alcohol and yes to the good old water.

10. Chalk Out An Additional Source Of Income

There is no better habit to develop than working hard to achieve your wildest dreams. 

So of course we need to develop habits that help us earn more. I’ve written a few articles on additional sources of income, do check them out.

  1. How To Make Money As A Virtual Assistant (Best VA Course)
  2. 26 Side Hustles You’d Be Crazy To Miss
  3. 5 Great Business Ideas For Millennials To Make Money
  4. How To Be A Profitable Freelancer in 2024

By creating an additional source of income, you’re creating more opportunities for yourself. You’re opening new doors and safeguarding your financial life. 

Having more money means you can spend more, save more, invest more, and have more for your retirement. 

I believe that we all must have at least two sources of income, one should be your job/main business and the other your side hustle. 

Once you can manage these two finances properly, try adding another source of income. The more the merrier! 

What 3 Habits Will Improve My Life?

Out of the 10 habits listed above, If I have to pick the top 3 habits that will bring maximum growth and massive success in your life, it would be:

1. Say Thank you and Please
2. Write down your goals
3. Maintain Personal Hygiene at all times

Form Simple Habits By Habit Stacking 

Have you read the book ‘Atomic Habits by James Clear’? 

It’s an all-time favorite and the stuff in the book is very practical and the best part, it works!

To make any habit a permanent habit, it’s essential that you set your mind to it and give it your all or you could use the Habit Stacking method and simplify things.

Learn to stack an already existing habit over the new habit you want to achieve.

Let’s understand this with an example, you want to study for your exams, to make things easier, ask yourself – when do you want to study? Assuming you’re a night owl, let’s build a habit stack for you

I will eat dinner, then will take my books and study for my exams. 

Dinner (existing habit) + Study (new habit)

For 5-10 days, your brain may not comprehend this situation but after a point of time, your brain will send signals telling you to study after you had your dinner. This is an effective way to form simple habits. 

Using Temptations To Build Habits

While habit stacking gets the work done, it may not be ideal in the long run, especially when the new tasks (studies) get monotonous and dull. So to spice things up you should use temptations. 

What do I mean? Every time you finish a new task (studies), reward yourself. The reward can be as little as a bar of chocolate 30 minutes of sleep time or Netflix time reading a novel or anything that makes you happy. 

Don’t keep the price too high as that may negatively impact your goals. 

Here’s what I would create:

I will eat dinner, then will take my books and study for my exams and once I get done with studying, I will watch one episode of Friends and then go to sleep.

Dinner (existing habit) + Study (new habit) + One episode of friends (temptations)

Easy? If it still seems challenging, here’s what you can do!

Motivate Yourself To Develop New Habits

Motivation is being optimistic over and over again. If you can do that, achieving habits will get easy. 

So how should you motivate yourself to achieve your goals and ambitions and develop a habit?

Stick motivational quotes in your room, especially in front of your desk. Make sure the quotes are at eye level and are visible to you at all times. 

The next thing that you can do is make a bundle of 10/20/50 best motivational quotes that instantly boost your moods. 

For your convenience, I’ve collected 100 motivational quotes, click the link to read those 100 quotes.

Once you have a bundle, read a few of them at any random time. Two quotes after you eat breakfast, one after watching Netflix, one after work, two after work, and one before sleeping read it at any time. 

Don’t overdo reading motivational quotes as you may get bored of these too quickly. The best time to read a few will be right before you start your task. 

This will be the perfect time as a few moments before you start your task (new habit), procrastination slowly starts kicking in, to ignore procrastination at this point, simply read a few quotes and start the task. 

Dinner (existing habit) + 2 Motivational quotes + Study (new habit) + One episode of friends (temptations)

This is the final structure that I’ll use to develop a new habit in the simplest way possible! 

Follow these three tactics and I’m confident that you will be able to develop new habits much faster and easier, plus you’ll enjoy the process rather than regretting it.

Can Habits Change Your Life?

If you want your habits to change your life, it will. If you learn good habits and ditch the bad ones, it will change your life for the better.

The more complicated you make it, the more you’ll get away from making your task a habit. 

Just like we need salt along with some basic spices to make our food delicious, there are four simple spices to add to create a new habit,

  1. Habit stacking
  2. Pinch of motivation
  3. The real task
  4. Pinch of temptation

If you can adjust your goals according to this structure, achieving a new task will be much easier than you could ever imagine. 

The before and after the task is what’s most important, if you slouch your way to writing an article for your company, don’t expect to write it with full focus. 

The before and after must be interesting, it must be fun, easy, and most importantly, it must be satisfying. 

Once you touch down on all these points, the main task (your new habit) will easily adjust to your current lifestyle. 

You need to put in some effort initially, but once you and your mind get used to doing that task, it will be automated like you brush your teeth in the morning without fail, and you’ll do the task every day without fail. 

If you found this post helpful, I’ll be super happy if you share it with your friends and family. 

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