The Simple Guide For a Productive Life In 30 Days

The Ultimate Guide For a Productive Life In 30 Days

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Welcome to the 30 Day Productivity Guide where I’ll teach you how to be more productive in just 30 days, sounds interesting? Keep reading.

What you’ll learn from this Guide:

  1. What Productivity Means
  2. Why Productivity is Important
  3. How to be More Productive
  4. How to Not be Lazy and Get Work Done

This guide is broken down into four parts

  1. Introduction to Productivity
  2. My Top Productivity Strategies
  3. The Best Possible Ways to Supercharge Yourself with Productivity
  4. Your 30 Day Productivity Master Plan

1. Introduction to Productivity

Productivity is not a one-time thing. It’s not something you can learn easily and it’s not something you can ever learn completely. No one can ever be the most productive person on earth, Period! 

That doesn’t mean we can’t strive to get up out of the laziness we all swim in to have a super-duper productive life. Why? Cause only the ones who do more get more. 

I’m confident that after reading this guide you won’t be a supercharged productive person. 

But I’m sure you’ll learn everything there is about how you can be the most productive person you’ve ever heard of!

If that sounds interesting, take a pause, tell yourself what you’re about to start may be difficult, but if you want to live unlike everyone, you can’t be like everyone. 

1.1 What is Productivity?

Let’s define it in the simplest way possible – The amount of efficiency of a person completing a task is called Productivity. 

Productivity is not how much work a person does, it’s about the important things done by a person consistently that makes him/her productive. 

A person who does 5 important things properly each day is more productive than a person who does 10 things on a day.

It’s all about putting consistent efforts every day into something you wish to achieve, putting your mind and soul into it and not giving up at any cost, working hard yet working smart.

1.2 Why you Should Be a Productive Person

Productivity can impact your life in a big way. Here are a few benefits to consider being a highly productive person.

  1. You find your purpose in life

You have a goal, otherwise, why would you want to be productive in the first place. 

Being on that path will give you deep purpose and meaning which will motivate you even further. Your purpose will be the reason you get up early in the morning, get work done and not give up. 

  1. Highly focused

You’re on a path, it means you’re highly focused. You don’t care what others tell you or what others believe you should do. You know where you should focus your attention. 

  1. Extremely Motivated

A productive person is an extremely motivated person. They have this spirit in them to finish the work, and that motivation is like nothing else. 

You’ll always remain happy, with a big smile on your face. What else could you ask for!

I could easily share 10 other benefits of productivity but this is not an article that talks about the benefits of productivity! 

This is an article on How To Be Productive in 30 days, so let’s discuss that a bit more shall we!

2. My Top Productivity Strategies

1. Eisenhower Urgent Important Matrix

This simple matrix will be the most effective way to be productive daily. It will help you to organize tasks, categorize them into urgent and important, and get work done smoothly. 

Eisenhower Urgent Important matrix

It’s always great to write your tasks down so that you can free your mind off the things you need to do and focus on getting them done. 

We waste most of our time remembering the tasks we have to do today, instead write it down first thing in the morning or the night before so you only have to focus on getting the list done. 

Sage Tip – It would be better if you could purchase a small whiteboard and a marker and hang it on a wall or your cupboard.  Then every day, write your daily tasks, categorize them according to the Eisenhower Matrix and now you know how to approach your day productively. 

You could also use a task management app like Todoist to prioritize & organize your tasks in no time. These apps can boost your productivity and increase efficiency!

2. Numerical Task Allotment 

If for some reason you didn’t like the idea of a matrix, you can use the Numerical Tasks Allotment method. 

Here you write down all of your tasks according to the order of importance. So if task 4 is your most important task, shift it to “Task 1”. Similarly number all of your tasks according to their importance. 

3. Break down your long tasks

Each task is different and may take you a certain amount of time to get it done. Task 2 may take you 30 minutes while Task 1 may take you 3 hours, now 5 hours is a long time and this may hamper all of your other tasks for that day. 

If you take 5 hours to finish Task 1, you may not have time to do any other tasks. This will make you feel demotivated because, at the end of the day, you’ve just completed Task 1. 

What if your task takes two days, you’ll end up being sad cause your other tasks are left incomplete. The Solution? Break down your tasks into time slots of 30 minutes each. 

So for 30 minutes, you do task 1, then you complete Task 2, then you come back to task 1 for 30 minutes, and then complete task 3. 

Doing this will break monotony Task 1 may bring and get you motivated as you get work done. 

If Task 1 takes you 12 hours and you have 4 days to finish Task 1 then,
Day 1: 3 hours 
Day 2: 3 hours
Day 3: 3 hours
Day 4: 3 hours

So that’s 3 hours a day broken down into 6-time slots of 30 minutes each. Similarly find out how long your task will take and break it down into manageable time slots, thus getting maximum productivity out of your time. 

break down tasks for maximum productivity

3. The Best Possible Ways to Supercharge Yourself with Productivity

1. Prepare the night before

What do you do after you eat dinner? I usually laze around and relax, I’m sure you do the same. 

This is the time to sit and prepare for the next day. You have a lot of time to think about how tomorrow can be a productive day and to ensure that you get the most out of it! 

So the next day when you wake up, you’re ready for life’s kick-ass. It’ll take you only 15 minutes and will save an hour of hassle early in the morning. Preparing the night before is a real time saver, I’m confident about that!

2. Do some form of Exercise

When you’re overloaded with laziness, almost on the verge of sleeping, here’s a great thing to do – Exercise. 

Any form of exercise that increases your heart rate and makes you take deep breaths is an excellent way to kill laziness and ring productivity bells. 

I like doing 10 pushups followed by 10 squats. This pumps me up and my sleep – see ya later!

3. Step away from Social Media

Do you know the No. 1 thing most people waste time on? Yea, I know you know it – Social Media. 

It kills productivity and you end up scrolling for hours and hours only to know that it’s time for the next social media app. 

Don’t fall into this trap, when you’re working keep your phone at a distance, so you don’t get the urge to pick it up and browse through the junk. 

This goes for emails too. It sounds simple, just don’t touch your phone or don’t open emails on your laptop, but you’ll see how you unknowingly get attracted to checking these things. 

If there’s anything important that someone needs to inform you about, I’m sure social media apps like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or email won’t be the way they’ll get in touch with you! Replace them with tasks that are ‘Urgent’.

4. Cold Water Baths

This is an extremely hard thing to do but research says that cold water baths help fight common illnesses and improve circulation. 

It also throws laziness away and gets your eyes wide open and laziness far away from you. 

Go for a cold shower next time you feel like wasting time. 

P.S. I love cold water baths, it’s the best way for me to refresh.

5. Turn off the Heat

Have you ever noticed how grumpy you can get if the room you’re working in is hot? 

Yea, heat and productivity were rivals once and they keep trying to defeat each other. Don’t let heat defeat the immense productivity in you. 

Increase the fan speed, turn on the air conditioner, or shift to a cooler room. You’ll instantly find your productive aura increase.

4. Your 30 Day Productivity Master Plan

For the next 30 days, I want you to do a few things every day. Follow this and you’ll see a massive change in yourself that you’ll never want to come back from. Let’s get started!

1. Write it down

Use a notebook or a small whiteboard, if possible. You can buy a whiteboard from Amazon or a supermarket in your vicinity. It’s not necessary so it’s fine if you don’t have one.

2. Segregate it properly

A. For Eisenhower Matrix – On one side, write down all your tasks for the day. Number it if that helps. 

Once you do that, make the Eisenhower matrix take each task, and rewrite it in the matrix. After doing this for all your tasks, analyze if it makes sense. That’s it!   

B. For Numerical Tasks Allotment – Write down all your tasks roughly in a part of your sheet, then number them according to their importance, 1 being the highest priority and 10 being the lowest priority. 

Tasks allotment

Make a box next to each task and put a cross sign in it after you finish that task. You can also just cancel the entire line if you don’t prefer drawing a box. That’s up to you. 

3. Follow along

Your actions need to systematically go according to this Task Sheet you have prepared. A few changes are fine but don’t take the least important task and do it before you finish task 3, that’s wrong and Not Productive. 

Your Task Sheet is your main reference point, so try to make sure you keep checking it from time to time so that you know if you’re on track or you’re off track.

4. Start Visualizing

Think about achieving your goals, think about getting success on that project you’ve been struggling with, and think about your amazing life. 

Doing this will make you feel amazing and excited. This will also help you be more productive because a happy person is a productive person. 

Set aside 10 – 30 minutes in a day to do this and I assure you, it will change the way you think.

5. Do productive things to keep you going

I’ve written an article on 18 Productive things to do in your 20s. In that article, I’ve mentioned some really smart ways to get your mind and body super productive. Give it a read and try to do one productive thing every three days. 

6. Procrastination

Procrastination is not my best friend highly productive person

My favorite enemy is here. This thing will haunt you right from Day 1 to Day 30 and even after that. It’s so powerful that you’re bound to fall into its trap. 

Don’t worry, I’ve written a detailed article on How to Eliminate Procrastination. I’ve explained the science behind it and also mentioned some practical strategies to avoid procrastinating be it at college, at work, or even at home. Do read it. 

7. Break Your Tasks

Don’t forget to break down your long tasks into short manageable tasks so that you’re most productive.

8. Switch (If Needed)

If task 7 suddenly becomes important, first go to your Task Sheet, update it there, then complete task 7.

9. Keep rewarding yourself

There will be times in a day when you won’t feel awesome, you may need a push to get up and move forward. 

To do this, start rewarding yourself. It can be anything that pleases you. It can be as small as a bar of chocolate but there needs to be something at the end of a task that tells your brain to keep going on and finish that task. 

Only if you finish, you get the reward, else you don’t. I usually reward myself with 10 minutes of songs or a short 10-minute nap. 

10. Get to work

The last tip for this 30-day Productivity Guide is to get up every time you fall. It’s okay to not complete all 7 tasks for the day. Try doing it the next day. 

It’s okay even if you can’t do the tasks for a week or a month. So what if you take time to work things out, as long as you’re doing something every day, be it just one-tenth of a task, you’re moving forward and that’s what matters in the long run. 

Get up, tell yourself that today will be a productive day – fail that day – sleep – get up – today will be a productive day – fail again – sleep – get up – today will be a productive day – fail again – sleep – repeat. I hope you got what I’m trying to say, don’t stop till you don’t get what you want. 

Nobody cares for your success, it’s only you. Make mistakes but make sure you get up after that and try being productive the next day. 

The Book You Need for Maximum Productivity

Ever heard of the famous book ‘Atomic Habits’? It’s a book by James Clear, hands down the best book for maximizing habit learning and productivity. 

This book is the literal definition of how to improve yourself. It teaches you how to develop a good habit, how to unlearn a bad habit, how to increase productivity, and a lot more. 

It’s the only book you’ll ever need in this space. 

So if you want to get productive in these 30 days, I urge you to buy the book Atomic Habits by James Clear. For your convenience, here’s the Amazon link for the book

My Favorite Productivity Quotes

Stephen Covey –
The main thing is to keep the main thing, the main thing. 

Seth Godin –
You don’t need more time in your day. You need to decide.

Pablo Picasso –
Action is the foundational key to all success. 

Carl Gustav Jung –
You are what you do. Not what you say you’ll do.

Robert Collier –
Success is the sum of small efforts repeated day in and day out. 

Final Thoughts

Nobody wants to be productive without a goal, a purpose in mind. Sure, productivity enhances your mind making you feel amazing and satisfied but you’re probably doing this because you have a goal in mind. 

Something that will take you from where you are to where you want to be. 

It’s important to look at productivity from time to time. Analyzing how you’re performing will help you get the results you desire. 

A weekly (if possible) or a monthly check-up with yourself and your goals will be the perfect way to know where you are. 

After all, productivity is a long-term play. Don’t be disheartened by the short-term pitfalls you have and focus on getting up daily and doing what needs to be done. 

Just to Summarize – 

Every day for the next 30 days, you need to write down your daily goals, allot each task a number or insert them in the Eisenhower matrix (break down your tasks if they are huge and time-consuming), and tick/cross when you get a task done. 

Keep rewarding yourself with something so that the process seems exciting and fun. A 10-minute dance break or a 10-minute sleep may be the perfect reward for you. Keep going and don’t stop. 

Remember your stop, you lose and you’re not a loser. You’re already a winner trying to figure out a productivity system to be super productive at all times. 

All the best, I know you’re going to do a phenomenal job!

Now that you know How To Be More Productive, it’s just a matter of taking your thoughts and putting them into action. 

Don’t let this be just another random productivity article you see on the web. Follow what’s given in this guide and I promise you, You Will Get What You Want From Life!

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