Review 2024: Is Brilliant Premium Worth It? review

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In this review of, I’ve analyzed all the aspects of so that you can decide whether Brilliant Premium is worth your time and money.

Knowledge is Power! The more you learn, the smarter you are. Learn new skills, and your demand in the job market increases, your grades rise, people admire and respect you more, you can solve real-life problems, etc.

I am writing this review because Brilliant unlike other online courses, is unique, interactive, simply fun, and should help you achieve the above qualities.

I’ll also help you by answering the most important question – Is Brilliant Worth It?

In a hurry? Take a good look at my Quick Summary and Verdict below.


  • Interactive Learning Experience
  • Daily Challenges
  • 8 Principles For Learning
  • Interactive Community
  • Offline Mobile App


  • Offers Only STEM Subjects
  • Doesn’t Offer Certificates
  • Expensive Monthly Subscription (Opt for yearly plans to get discounts)

What is

If you were looking for a course that teaches you subjects found in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics), you might have encountered

Unlike every other online course website that uses videos and text-based content to teach you subjects, takes a whole new approach to learning by using Bite-Sized Interactive Lessons to explain complex concepts using simple logic.

Sue Khim, the Founder of Brilliant, found it difficult to break down puzzles and math problems as a child. Back then, her dad used to teach her new & simple ways to solve puzzles.

She figured that many people find it extremely difficult to solve math questions, understand logic and break down scientific aspects.

Like most entrepreneurs, she wanted to make math and other complicated sums easy for people like you and me.

The Light Bulb Moment!!!

She created Brilliant, An online learning platform for people of all ages to study STEM-based subjects.

The goal was to make Math and other subjects easy, enjoyable, and less daunting.

Brilliant was founded in 2012. Currently, they have 60+ courses in math, physics, science, technology, quantitative finance, and computer science.

In 2024, had more than 9 million website users and over 2 million app users each month. was created to simplify learning, but has it delivered on that promise? 

Are 2 million active users wasting their time, or are they enhancing their skills? Let’s dive deeper and find out in this Review!

Who Is For?

Who is brilliant for is for those who want to learn about Math, Science, and Technology, using a new and unique method that makes learning easier. has courses for young kids, teachers, high school students, adults, and professionals. The courses you’ll learn through will add new valuable skills to your resume.

Learning should never stop, and the team at understands this well, so the courses they curate are suited for lifelong learners.

Hey there! Get 20% off your yearly brilliant premium subscription right now. 

Subject You Can Learn At

I have listed down all the subjects you can learn on Brilliant:

Foundational Math:

Logic, Joy of Problem Solving, Mathematical Fundamentals, Number Theory, Pre-Algebra, Number Bases, Infinity, Algebra Fundamentals, Algebra, Complex Numbers, Geometry Fundamentals, Beautiful Geometry, Geometry, 3D Geometry, Math History, Probability Fundamentals, Applied Probability, Perplexing Probability, Casino Probability, Random Variables & Distributions, Statistics Fundamentals, Contest Math, Pre-Calculus, Trigonometry, Knowledge, and Uncertainty.

Advanced Math:

Calculus Fundamentals, Integral Calculus, Calculus, in a Nutshell, Multivariable Calculus, Introduction to Linear Algebra, Linear Algebra with Applications, Vector Calculus, Differential Equations, Group Theory, Math for Quantitative Finance, Statistics.

Foundational Science:

Scientific Thinking, Science Essentials, Physics of every day, Waves, and Light, Classical Mechanics, The Chemical Reaction, Knowledge and Uncertainty, Electricity and Magnetism.

Advanced Science:

Astrophysics, Gravitational Physics, Special Relativity, Solar Energy, Computational Biology, Quantum Computing, Quantum Objects.

Foundational Computer Science:

Computer Science Fundamentals, Algorithm Fundamentals, Programming with Python, Data Structures, Introduction to Neural Networks, Search Engines.

Advanced Computer Science:

Cryptocurrency, Artificial Neural Networks, Machine Learning, Computer Memory, Quantum Computing. 

The courses mentioned below focus on improving your conceptual knowledge, building intuition, helping in preparing for interviews, and making your brain work hard while enjoying it. Pricing Plans pricing Free Vs Premium offers a 7-day free trial (check it out here). During this time, they won’t charge you a penny.

Let’s do a little maths to make sense of Brilliant’s pricing structure! (p.s you’ll be doing a lot more of these once you join Brilliant)

After seven days, the pricing structure is as follows:

If you take a monthly subscription plan: $24.99/month

If you take a yearly subscription plan: $12.49/month ($150/per year)

A Group of 3+ people: $299.98/per year

Take the monthly subscription if you plan on using the platform for less than six months.

A six-month plan (paid monthly) is equal to an annual subscription plan (24.99 X 6 = 12.49 X 12). Thus I recommend you opt for the yearly plan for the first year.

You can get a bunch of courses completed in that time. 5 days before your yearly subscription is up for renewal, cancel the subscription if you wish.

The yearly plan will be 50% cheaper than your monthly plans. But if you want it for 2-3 months, the monthly plan will suit your needs.

Pros and Cons Of

The Good: Advantages Of

Interactive Learning Experience

Each course is crafted in a creative way that you’ve probably never seen before. Instead of listening to the teacher speaking, you get an immersive learning experience that makes things easier.

Adjusting to a new & interactive learning experience may take some time, but once you get a hold of it, learning complex concepts is super simple.

Daily Challenges

During my research for Review, I got addicted to Daily Challenges! These challenging problems are one of those super awesome features that you can’t live without.

These games are so entertaining and interesting.

Even the ones I got wrong didn’t demotivate me.

It felt like the perfect way to learn a subject in depth.

Other than the daily challenges, you’ll find infinite quizzes and puzzles wrapped in the course to keep you occupied.

Brilliant also has another system where they believe you need to brush up on your problem-solving skills once in a while.

For this, they keep updating their courses with new modules, puzzles, and so on.

The 8 Principles For Learning

If you didn’t figure it out yet, is Unique. They have a specific teaching system to ensure math and science are made simple for almost everyone.

The online learning platform made 8 principles of learning to make their courses one of a kind. All the courses you’ll find on their platform have been written with these core principles in mind.

Here are those principles:

  1. Exciting
  2. Cultivating Curiosity
  3. Active Learning
  4. Applicable
  5. Community Driven
  6. Doesn’t Discriminate
  7. Allows Failure
  8. Sparks Questions

Interactive Community

Community learning gives you the experience to work as a team. Learning together makes learning fascinating.

Their community pages contain thousands of pages of content made by community experts from The community wiki is handy when you get stuck.

Offline Mobile App

Once you buy the brilliant premium subscription, you will get full access to their mobile app (available on Android and iOS platforms). You don’t need an internet connection at all times.

Simply download these courses and watch them offline anywhere at any time.

The Offline feature is quite useful as even when I’m traveling with no internet connection, I can still consume these courses and keep myself busy.

The Bad: Disadvantages Of

Offers Only STEM Subjects

The courses you’ll find on brilliant are STEM-based courses, which means courses related to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics are available.

If you could take the method of teaching and add new Non-STEM subjects, people eager to learn don’t need to subscribe to various platforms to learn multiple things. could be a one-stop shop for learning in a fun and interactive way.

I understand that brilliant wants to be a hub for STEM subjects, but expanding to other niches could be better for their students.

Doesn’t Offer Certificates

Knowledge is more important than a certificate, but while applying for a job, a certificate does add more value.

I am a little disappointed that users don’t get certificates upon completion because that would be simply brilliant.

I hope they give certificates in the future as I’m sure it will add value to anyone’s resume.

Expensive Monthly Subscription

The monthly subscription is $24.99. That’s pricey. Even though the course packs some good content, recommending a course for $24.99 a month doesn’t do justice.

They do have a yearly plan that’s for $12.49 and is certainly more appealing. Bundle that with a 20% discount and a 7-day free trial, and I’m starting to like the yearly subscription. Grab the offer below. Testimonials

Brilliant testimonials

I compiled some of the reviews I read all over the web on

Making Complex Problems Easy

Many positive reviews are saying that complex math problems have been simplified.

People feel more confident when approaching technical math and science-based interviews because concepts have been made simple. People that used to hate math love it and enjoy spending time studying.

Fast Learning

Understanding challenging concepts in a few days isn’t rocket science at When reading the reviews, people said that they could think and process concepts in a matter of days.

Updated Content

Brilliant won’t let your mind get old. It constantly updates the content, adds new puzzles, and daily exercises, provides guided courses (expert-led courses) and so much more to keep your learning alive.

Aesthetically Beautiful

Brilliant has a very aesthetic and minimalist feel. It has quite the graphics, animations, and elements that make it appealing to the eye.

Description, prerequisites, and general information about each course are well defined and explained. is also quite popular on Trustpilot, with a rating of 4.6.

Best Courses on

Made up your mind about taking the Brilliant Yearly Subscription? I chose three courses that fascinated me the most.

P.S. If not, they have 60+ more courses you could choose from :). Don’t you worry!


If you look at the most popular courses on Brilliant, you’ll see ‘Logic’ topping the list, and that’s for a reason. Logic challenges your critical thinking skills using knights, logic gates, knaves, and many more things.

The course has 265+ concepts and exercises with 37 interactive quizzes to keep you busy.

You don’t need any previous knowledge and experience to get started with this online course. If you want to exercise your brain and learn faster ways to tackle logic problems, say Hello to Logic.

At the end of the course, you should be able to deal with real-life logic-based situations, spot logical fallacies, understand game theory, and machine logic, and do a lot more mental ability quizzes.

Applied Probability

What if I tell you how to win a game based on pure luck? Wouldn’t that be super cool?

Applied probability will teach you to understand the world around you by teaching how random events can be predicted using probability.

Probability as a subject always fascinated me in school, and this course has taken my probability desires to a whole new level.

Enough talking. Out of every 150 people that read this article, 93 will take the brilliant course. Did one of the online math courses teach me that?

Why don’t you see that for yourself? Don’t worry, the link below contains 20% Off and a 7-Day Free Trial.

This course has 190+ concepts and exercises along with 23 interactive quizzes to sharpen that brain of yours.

Applied Probability might get slightly confusing if you don’t have a basic understanding of Algebra and basic probability logic. You can take up the Casino Probability Course in Brilliant to make things simpler.

At the end of this course, you’ll learn the fundamentals of probability which will help you understand real-life situations right from sports to science to games.

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Math for Quantitative Finance

This online course is heavy. You’ll learn a lot of new concepts like Bayes’ Theorem, Expected Value, Fermi Estimation, Hypothesis Testing, Interview Prep, Markov Chains, Matrices, Parameter Estimation, Probability, Statistical Distributions, Utility Functions, Variance, and Covariance, etc.

This course dives deep into statistical modeling and helps you understand the chaos of the financial markets. This course will develop your math skills while also educating you on financial markets.

Some basic understanding of math, probability, and random variables would be preferred.

Brilliant Team claims that by the end of this course, you will be able to crack any Quantitative Finance Interview. If that’s so, this course is EPIC. Cancelling Membership & Refund

The cancelation process is pretty fast. Head over to your subscription settings page, where you’ll find a ‘cancel button’ Click on it, and your subscription will be canceled immediately.

Sometimes you may not see that button. In such cases, you’ve probably canceled it from Google Play Store, App Store, or PayPal.

They clearly state that they don’t refund money. You could cancel at any time but don’t expect a refund.

If you have a genuine reason, they could make an exception (by refunding you the money), so don’t forget to send an email. 

If you’re a bit confused about the payment structure, cancellation, or refund, you should get in touch with their support team at

They have an excellent support team that is fast and quite reliable. You shouldn’t have a problem communicating your queries.

Is Premium Worth It?

Brilliant subscription details

After considering all the aspects of Brilliant, I found to be worth my time and money!

The learning experience, puzzles, quizzes, community wiki, gamification, aesthetics, and many more features made the online learning platform highly productive for all STEM-based learners.

The concepts are short and explained easily to ensure you don’t doze off in the process.

The free plans don’t provide enough value as you can’t complete a course. A few easy puzzles won’t help you master the subject. That’s why a premium subscription is needed.

Considering the slightly high price, I don’t suggest you should have it for more than a year because you can complete most of the essential study materials in that time.

Keeping in mind the pros and cons discussed above, I can certainly recommend the Annual Brilliant Premium Plan for students, professionals, and lifelong learners who wish to learn tough concepts in a more visual and interactive method.

Do I recommend Brilliant for a person interested in diving deep into STEM-related subjects? Yes, Of Course. Brilliant courses are essential and the need of the hour.

Again, Brilliant doesn’t offer certificates for completing the course, so if you strictly wish to use this to build up your academics (where certificates are essential), this may not be the best option for you. FAQ’s

Is Accredited? doesn’t provide you certificates after completing courses and they are not accredited.

That means you can tell your employer that you did a course but you can’t show him certificates or proof of completion of the course.

Is Free For Students?

Brilliant offers a free plan that includes a 7-Day Free trial for all new joiners. They don’t offer special discounts for students.

You can access a few course videos in the free plan but without the premium plan, you’re not getting much out of the platform.

That said, Brilliant offers 6 free courses and unlimited daily challenges to Educators (teachers).

So if you’re a teacher, get verified as a teacher and you’ll get free access to those courses. You can invite your students to these classes too!

Check Out Brilliant for Educators here!

Is Good For Beginners?

Yes, is brilliant for beginners! Depending on your age and your skill level, Brilliant will customize your profile and recommend the courses best suited to your needs.

So if you’re a beginner or you’re someone who’s excellent at STEM but needs those challenge questions, has something in store for each of you.

Can I Get A Job With Courses?

That’s a tough question! Getting a job depends on multiple factors, the most one being skill-set. will help you learn those skills but how you perform during an interview, and what other skills (outside of STEM skills) are needed to get the job is something you’ll have to figure out yourself.

Don’t rely solely on Brilliant courses to give you a job simply because you don’t get certificates that you can upload to LinkedIn or add to your resume.

What you can do is create a section for ‘Skill Set’ on your resume and add the skills you learned from Brilliant courses. That will surely increase your chances of getting a job!

Best Alternatives

Here are some of the best alternatives to consider if you’re not sure about Brilliant. Vs DataCamp

If you’re in the coding space and you haven’t heard of DataCamp, I’m surprised. DataCamp is the leading Data course platform that helps you build data skills online.

They have a lot of high-quality courses, interactive exercises, and short videos suited for beginners and advanced-level data analysts.

Brilliant offers some courses relating to Python (a coding language). I did check it out and concluded that DataCamp Python courses are much better.  

Choose DataCamp when you want to learn anything related to Data, Python, and R.

Choose Brilliant when you want to learn STEM-based concepts.

I’ve personally tried their courses, and I recommended them to my coding peers. The quality of teaching is top-notch.

It’s worth the price – Check Out DataCamp Courses here.

DataCamp Review: 4.8/5 Vs Khan Academy

This review would be incomplete without Khan Academy. Khan Academy is another online learning platform where you can learn STEM-based concepts for FREE.

Yes, they provide all their resources for free. They have a website and a YouTube Channel where they teach such concepts for free.

The advantage has over Khan Academy is that Brilliant is more interactive and enjoyable when compared to Khan Academy. is game-based learning, that’s what makes it unique and interesting.

If you’re short on money, don’t hesitate to try out the courses available at Khan Academy, you’ll love it!

In all, Brilliant’s annual plan is value for money, and if you’re interested in the content they provide, you should try out their yearly plan.

That’s all for my Review.

Feel free to leave your comments below if:

  • You have a question or feedback
  • You need me to clarify something regarding my Review
  • You wish to share your journey with everyone!

I’ll be more than happy to reply to all your comments 🙂

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Brilliant is an online learning platform that uses gamification to enhance the learning process. In this review, let's see if Brilliant is good!

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