14 Expert Tips To Make 2024 Your Best Year EVER

How to make this year your best year ever

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SMILE if you want 2024 to be your best year ever! We all faced problems this year, our productivity levels touched the ground, and our stress levels through the roof. This may have made 2022 a Not Good Year for all of us. 

But I’m here to tell you that 2024 can be the year you accomplish your goals, you think big and achieve big. It’s possible if you want it to be possible. 

14 Smart Tips To Win 2024

1. Set Goals

2020 hasn’t been the best year ever, at least in terms of setting goals!

Starting a new year without goals is like going to an expensive restaurant and not carrying enough cash! It’s better to know which direction you want to move forward, or else you’ll be dragging yourself all over the map. 

Start by sitting in a quiet place and imagining what your life should look like in December 2024, write it down.

Then think about what you will need to do to get there (these will be your big goals), and further break down each big goal into smaller-sized goals. Now you have a map for 2024. 

Once you have a map, now set timelines like ‘I’m going to reach 10,000 organic visitors by June for my Shopping website’. This way you’ll work towards completing your goals. 

Make it simple, and make it practical – that’s all you need to make a goal a prominent one. 

2. Get Productive

What were you expecting? The truth is you have time, a lot of time and you can do whatever it is you want to do in life. 

The reality is that you want to spend time with your friends once a week, you want to watch two movies a week, you want to eat junk and you want to daydream. It’s all YOU. 

Even if you give 2 hours of your day for your side hustle, you can make your first income in 6 – 12 months. What if you don’t? Then try something else. You need to get productive, there’s no way around it so don’t waste time trying to find an easy route. 

The sad truth is that we waste a lot of time on the “Fun Stuff” and spend little to no time on things that will take us towards our dreams.

Take a second to imagine how 2024 could be if you chose to do what’s right and skip all the “Fun Stuff” for a year. How can you be more productive, and how can you change your life for the better? It starts today right now, don’t look back, move forward!

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3. Make A Daily To-Do List

To Do List productivity tips

A year is a long time for you to accomplish your goals. This behavior will force you to procrastinate. To avoid this, you need to have a firm mindset and your determination to be successful must be awesome! 

Making a Smart To-Do List will ensure you do certain specific tasks every day, this will get compounded and your long-term goals will be more achievable over time. 

4. Work On Time Management

Time Management

Managing your time doesn’t mean filling your To-Do list with tons of tasks, it means strategically working on your day with time allotted to each task. Here are some effective time management strategies:

  1. Prioritisation
  2. Time Blocking
  3. Planning out each day
  4. Avoid multitasking
  5. Find your most productive time
  6. Control distractions
  7. Break down big tasks into sizeable portions
  8. Use the power of a Timer

5. Set Weekly Goals (on a Sunday)

Does it seem daunting to work hard for an entire year? Why don’t you try doing weekly tasks? By planning what you should be doing each week for 52 weeks, you’re already making your path easy and simple to follow. 

Pick a day in the week (preferably Sunday) and plan for the week ahead. You’ll take an hour or two to plan your week but it’ll be worth it. Now you know exactly what to do! 

Try making each week successful, do this for 52 weeks and your entire year is a success. Doesn’t that translate to The Best Year Ever! 

6. Focus On Saving

If you want to make 2024 the best year ever, you can’t ignore money-saving principles. Most people find it extremely difficult to save money, they live on the edge, paycheck to paycheck, hoping for the next big break or that promotion

From the minute you make money, you need to learn the habit of saving it. Talk to your bank and automatically transfer some money into another account specifically meant for savings and emergencies. 

I’ve linked some insightful articles below, they will help you to get financial sound and make saving easier. 

7. Work for More Hours

Work more hours make 2021 your best year ever

Do you want the most logical way to be more productive? Work For More Hours! If you google whether working more is good or bad for an individual, there are a lot of studies that prove working more will do more bad than good. 

What about Elon Musk or Dwyane Johnson who work long hours and sleep very little? Their productivity doesn’t reduce, right? 

Working more hours may increase stress and create a whole new set of problems but it will certainly make you more productive and get more work done. 

8. Finish your Hardest Task Immediately

An easy way to reduce work stress is by finishing the hardest task first thing in the morning. Now that you’ve completed the most difficult task in the day, you can do the other tasks with ease. 

The problem with getting big jobs done is procrastination! Procrastination will drag you away from your work and will ensure you don’t complete your work on time. 

By not doing the work immediately, you’ll be thinking about it all day, and eventually, end up not doing it at all. If the hardest task of the day is big, break it down into small tasks, then complete them immediately. 

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9. Look At The Upside Not The Downside

Among all the noise, fear and outbreak all over the world, learn to look at the upside and ignore the downside. It’s natural to focus on the downside and get all unmotivated and sad. 

The idea of looking at the upside of a situation is that it motivates you, makes you energized and happy. Be kind with yourself and positive affirmations. Find your strengths and work on them. 

What are the upsides in your life? 

10. Break A Few Rocks (take risks)

Life is nothing but taking calculated risks over and over again. There is always a choice and each choice you have contains some amount of risk involved. You need not be afraid of risks, instead, you need to learn to take risks over and over again. 

Risk helps you get stronger, smarter and more confident. You give yourself the chance to try something new, to fail, to get back and try again. You either Take The Risk or Forget Your Dreams. The choice is yours!

11. Try Social Media Detox

Social media detox

Head over to Instagram and see your daily active time on the app. If it’s anything above 30 minutes (a day), you’re spending way too much time doing something that is practically useless! 

Then there is Facebook, Titok, YouTube, Twitter, to waste your time even more. If that’s the situation, you’re better off doing a social media detox. 

The best way to do this is by deleting Facebook/Instagram/TikTok/Twitter/YouTube from your phone and log out of all these social media platforms from your laptop. 

I’ve been doing this for a year now and it works well. I do use Facebook groups to connect with bloggers but all other social media platforms are either uninstalled or used at a minimum. 

One of my goals for 2024 is to reduce my social media screen time, is yours the same?

12. Create A Morning Routine

Creating a morning routine is easy but sticking to it – Super Tough! I’ve always been a morning person but to maintain a morning routine was a challenge for me. The only way to tackle my morning routine problem was to keep doing it again and again, even if that means I fail. 

In two weeks or so, my morning routine became a part of my life. It became natural and now I didn’t have to force myself into doing certain tasks. 

There were times I used to wake up late and my routine took a nap but that’s fine as long as you wake up early the next day and get back to following your routine. 

A Morning Routine helped me massively improve myself, it gave me time to do what I want to do when no one is disturbing me. My morning routine includes – drinking water, stretching, meditating and doing one task (from my to do list). 

13. Eliminate Bad Habits

It’s so much easier to talk bad about a person than to describe good qualities in him. I know I have a lot of bad qualities, at least 5!!! So this new year, do yourself a favour and eliminate such bad habits

It’s a lot easier than it seems, don’t worry, I’m sure you can eliminate Bad Habits. I’m sure you’ve tried to give up and failed, but try again and fail again. No one’s here to judge you. 

By eliminating one bad habit, you’re instantly doing yourself so much good! Why not take courage and do some good for your future. 

14. Take Some Time Off

Take some time off

Nothing’s better than kicking off the weekend on the beach sipping ice tea and relaxing while the entire world works their ass off. Before you argue that taking time off contradicts working towards your goals, just listen to me. 

Taking some time out will refresh you, keep you calm, bring new ideas and bring you back energised. I’m not suggesting you take beach visits once a month, that’s too much relaxing, but you can and must take a few hours off or maybe a day off work and relax, detox from work. 

This way you won’t feel stressed out and exhausted. Plan out your breaks in advance. When you detox from work, your mind is refreshed and relaxed, you work more efficiently and you get more work done!

What do you enjoy doing? This break you take is for enjoying your time working on your hobbies. 

If you’re feeling stressed out, why don’t you give this article a read!

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Will 2024 Be The Best Year Ever?

The start of a year is the most crucial phase. Here you set goals, plan for the year ahead, take new risks, meet old friends and hope to make a fulfilled happy year. 

A new year is a new beginning, another chance for you to do the things you want to, to achieve your wildest dreams, to be financially free, to be independent and successful yet humble and kind.

This is your year! This is not 2024, it’s 2024, it’s time to get up and work hard, work smart, and Not Give Up!

Right now, 2024 can be anything YOU want it to be, so what do you want your 2024 to be like?

I hope these expert tips help you accomplish your life goals! Let me know in the comments what goals you’ve set and how you plan to achieve it.

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