What Is Destiny Tuning? Manifestation Miracle Review (2024)

What is destiny tuning with steps

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If you are wondering what Destiny Tuning is, well it’s a process by which you can control your destiny and manifest success in your life. 

Destiny tuning is for those who know that they are ultimately responsible for all things happening in their life and if they want to achieve success, money, love and happiness, they need to take the necessary efforts in tuning their destiny to make their dreams a reality.

What is Destiny Tuning?

Destiny tuning is taking a problem at hand and finding opportunities in it. It focuses on how you can change your life if you really need to.

Most people only hope to create wealth and happiness in their lives but those same people watch Netflix or meet up with their friends for 5 hours three times a week. 

Getting my point? If you want to change, stop bad habits, stop wasting time and start working on aspects that can make your dreams come true. That’s tuning your destiny as per your desires.

Destiny tuning is based on the principles of the law of attraction which goes on to say that if you want an iPhone, think and feel that you already have an iPhone.

Think hard and use the power of the universe, the law of attraction will work wonders and give you the iphone (provided you work hard towards getting that iphone).

Now I’ll be honest, understanding the law of attraction and destiny tuning is not child’s play. To solve that problem, you can buy this course by Heather Mathews – Manifestation Miracle Program

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A major problem with people who want to change their lives is that they are stuck in negativity. The negative clouds around them are so big that finding success is next to impossible for them. Keeping that in mind here are 4 tips to break the negativity you may be stuck in.

4 Tips To Break The Negativity You’re Stuck In

1. Get Some Sleep

One of the best ways to break negativity is to sleep. Sleep is by far the best way to ditch negativity. Although it doesn’t solve our problem, it surely gives us a break time and recharges our brain. 

Problems often cause stress, tension and anger. Sleep helps reduce all these three elements. Next time you face a problem, run over to the bed and take a nap. You’ll thank me later!

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2. Do What Brings Your Joy

Whenever you do something that makes you happy, it doesn’t feel like work or burden. It feels fun, interesting, challenging and exciting. When you’re doing what you live, you’re increasing your vibrations thus being happier. Whether that’s going for a trek or 

3. Listen to Free Meditation Tracks

Meditation is a popular thing today. People all over the world are scheduling time for meditation every day. Meditation has proved to improve self-awareness, reduce stress, curb anxiety, reduce memory loss, improve sleep, maintain good blood pressure. 

Add another 5 or 10 benefits to this and that’s exactly why we all should start our meditation journeys.

You could download meditation apps from the app store or play store or you could use the Free Destiny Tuning Meditation Tracks from Manifestation Miracle, they are currently offering this amazing mind track for free.

4. Talk To Your Close Friends

When in a state of negativity, talk to your friends. Friends make you laugh, share sorrows, trouble you and get you excited. You need this during a bad phase of life. 

So call up your close friends, ask them if they have some time and talk to them, meet them if possible and explain your situation. They’ll help out and you will feel much better.

Now without further ado, let’s study Destiny Tuning Steps and try to use that to tune our life according to our desires.

7 Steps to Tune Your Destiny (Destiny Tuning Steps)

1. Take A Break and Enjoy Life

Fun Fact: While writing this article, specifically this point – take a break and enjoy life, I took a break to look out the window. It’s raining heavily; green trees, people walking and buildings are what I see. 

It feels good doing that. What I realised is that I need to spend more time off my laptop and spend it outdoors looking at the clouds and trees and people walking and just taking a break. 

It feels good; come on try it with me – look out the window. Wish to share what you see? Comment below, I shall reply 🙂

2. Tweak your Vibrations

In the course Manifestation Miracle, Heather Mathews (Law of attraction and personal development coach) talks about vibrations and how each one of us emits energetic vibrations every day. 

Consider these Vibrations in your body like Spider Man’s Spider-Sense. While fighting crime, he heavily depends on his spider-sense to warn him from threats.

If his spider-sense doesn’t work, he’s not at his best performance and might be defeated by his enemies. In the same way, we all have to increase our energetic vibrations so that we perform at our best while feeling happy and shaping our destiny the way we like it.

Whatever we think, feel, belief becomes our reality and that’s why we need to be aware of our doing, our atmosphere and how we place ourselves in it. We should nurture nature. 

What I mean by tweaking your vibrations is that you’re in charge of manifesting your life, you can bring change and by bringing more energetic vibrations and harnessing your true potential. 

When you’re vibrating at a higher level, you are happier, filled with satisfaction and more productive whereas lower vibrations can lead to sadness, high stress and boredom. Get more done and believe in your true potential.

3. You’re In Control At All Times

Do you love to blame others for your problems? I used to do this a lot. Then one fine day I realised that blaming others might make me feel good (short term) but all I’m doing is avoiding the problem instead of working on it and accepting responsibility. 

So now, every time I make a mistake, I take a deep breath and take responsibility for the problem I’ve caused.

You control your destiny, you can tune your destiny as per your desire. It starts with you accepting that no one is responsible for a mistake that you may or may not have caused. 

It’s all you and only you. Once you accept that, you’re ready to take charge of your life. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, but learn from those mistakes.

Life is an experiment and you control every aspect of the experiment right from the tools to the results, all you’ve got to do is focus.

4. Unwinding The Brainwash

If you’re dealing with failure and a lot of failures, you’ve probably been told that success is a myth. Social media makes us think success comes easy and we buy into it. We’re so brainwashed that we believe in the lie others tell us even if we know that’s a lie. 

For example, someone told you that you must dip ice cream in tomato ketchup. At first, you won’t believe it but if all your friends tell you the same thing, guess what – you’ll believe that ice cream must be dipped in tomato ketchup! (In case you’re wondering, I didn’t try this combination, Gosh!). 

Similarly, the truth is that you can achieve success and that success is hard to achieve. Change is possible but you’ve got to believe it, your mind needs to accept that you’ve been brainwashed and it’s time to face reality. Only then you’ll truly achieve your desires.

5. Get Focused With Life

You need to know what you want in life, everything else is a distraction. Focus on which areas you want to improve right now and start working on them. 

I want to learn to code but that doesn’t mean you want to learn to code, maybe you already know how to code or you don’t like coding. Find out where your desires lie and work on them. The law of attraction says that if you focus your energy on what you want, you’ll likely find what you’re looking for. 

6. Prioritize Diet, Love & Happiness

Diet plays a very important role in your existence. Especially during the covid pandemic, I have observed that people with an unhealthy diet lifestyle are at higher risk than those with good diet plans. 

I won’t go deep into explaining what you should and should not eat, I think we all can differentiate between healthy and unhealthy foods. Here’s an article on 50 healthy foods by Healthline.

Love and happiness are somewhat correlated. To be happy and enjoy life, you need to reduce stress and pain, be more productive and energetic. A healthy diet helps to keep you happy. 

Here’s an article written by yours truly to help you out!

7. Fine Tune Your Destiny

Let me help you paint a picture, think of a place where you feel most relaxed and calm, and now think of your most hectic days, the days when you’re so stuck that you don’t have time to think. 

Some like hectic workdays while some like relaxed calm places, I like a bit of both.

What if I can tell you that there’s a way to fine-tune your destiny? Heather Mathews and Mark Ling have created a course called Manifestation Miracle that focuses on destiny tuning and the law of attraction. 

Using the techniques and tips they have provided in their wholesome course, anyone can learn how to change your destiny the way you want it most.

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Pros Of Destiny Tuning

  • Destiny Tuning makes you a happier, more productive person.
  • It helps you achieve your dreams and goals.
  • It makes you the boss of yourself instead of your circumstances bossing over you.
  • It helps you focus on what you need and ignore the crap.
  • It brings positivity to you, making you more joyful.

Cons Of Destiny Tuning

  • You could attract negative thoughts bringing more sadness to your life.
  • You could get sidetracked resulting in a waste of time and energy
  • If you don’t set goals, learning the steps is a waste of time.
  • You may end up being lethargic.

Manifestation Miracle Review: It Works!

If you truly want to learn about destiny tuning and the law of attraction, make bucket loads of money nurture love and happiness, be in good shape and meditate, you can check out my Manifestation Miracle Review here.

If you’re confident that you want to get started with the Manifestation Miracle Program – Here’s the Purchase Page.

If you’re confused, here’s a quick summary and my verdict on Manifestation Miracle Course.

How to Manifest Anything You Desire

Want to learn how to manifest money, manifest love, happiness? Whatever it is you want to manifest, you need to have a plan and work towards achieving it. Sitting at home, watching Netflix and hitting the snooze button every day won’t help you manifest anything. 

Sorry, it will help you manifest failure! So in simple words, destiny tuning is your ability to work hard, put in the hours to get the results you desire. The more hours and efforts you allocate towards your goals, the better are your chances of success. 

So don’t slouch and relax on a Sunday afternoon, go find a part-time job or work on your side hustle or help an NGO, do something in your free time that directly or indirectly positively impacts your life.


1. Does manifestation actually work?

Yes, manifestation works in each of your lives. It’s slightly complicated to understand and implement but it does work. Combine manifestation with principles of the law of attraction and destiny tuning steps and you’re looking at abundance success.

2. Which is the best course to learn destiny tuning?

Manifestation Miracle Course by Heather Mathews and Mark Lang is a really great course to master destiny tuning and the law of attraction. They also teach you a bunch of other things and have audio + video versions for easier understanding.

3. Can Destiny Tuning change my life?

Yes, destiny tuning means you control your life. By taking decisions that improve your life, you can change your life for the best.

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