16 Sure Ways To Boost Your Self-Confidence

How To Boost Your Self Confidence 16 effective ways

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Nobody I mean nobody is born with limitless self-confidence. It’s not something you inherit from your parents. Confidence cannot be bought but it can be learned and mastered.

If you see your friend possessing a strong aura of self-confidence, it’s likely he has worked his way to develop the skills required to master the art of self-confidence. 

If you fear failure, the possibility of you doing what you really want to do is going to be challenging. Also, you don’t have the confidence to overcome your fears.

What do you do? How do you overcome your fear?

By learning about how to boost your self-confidence. 

There is a subtle difference between self-confidence and self-esteem but they both help you to become a better person and increase your chances to overcome your worst fears and help you to accomplish the things in life you would never accomplish.

Why should you master the art of confidence?

  • It gives you the ability to stand up for yourself.
  • It makes you look attractive.
  • It overcomes your fear.
  • It makes you productive.

But wait, what if you are already confident?

If you’re already a confident person, well so are millions of people. It’s time to be the most confident person in the room! 

Don’t you worry, you will still benefit a lot from this list of 16 Sure Ways To Boost Your Self-Confidence?

16 Methods To Boost Confidence

1. Get work done

getting work done happiness leads to confidence

If you achieve your goals, be it small or big you’re going to see a boost in your self-confidence. Confidence is built by completing accomplishments. 

How do you achieve this? Focus on completing your daily goals, then weekly goals and soon you will accomplish monthly goals that set up your yearly goals. 

For this, you’ll need to maintain a to-do list. I recommend using the Todoist App (for individuals) and Teamwork (for teams). This software will streamline your work, improve your efficiency, and help you get work done in the smartest way possible!

Success happens in increments and not overnight. So rather than procrastinating and lazing around, get up and complete your work. This also makes you more productive, gets you optimistic, and of course, increases your confidence.

2. Take part in speaking competitions

Speaking competitions aren’t just for kids in school. A lot of millennials take part in such competitions where they get a chance to speak freely on a topic that interests them. 

Yes, they are really good at speaking but at some point, they weren’t. They learned it by taking part in local speaking competitions and practicing. You can do the same by learning from them. Heard of Ted Talks? The people who speak are just like you and me but they have a story that is inspiring and amazing. 

Look at the confidence they have, the way they carry themselves, the way they speak is just so amazing to see. They too practiced speaking in small places before they got a chance to speak at a Ted show.

3. Be Super Honest with yourself

Being honest and not lying in front of others can boost your self-confidence, how exactly? Let’s say your friend asked you what you were doing yesterday, if you’re honest and tell your friends you were binging on Netflix all day, that’s being honest. 

Surely you’ll feel embarrassed but you had the confidence, to tell the truth, and now because you’re embarrassed, you will stop binging and start being productive. Isn’t Honesty always the best policy?

4. Start some type of exercise

types of exercises to boost confidence

Most geeks start working out to get abs and biceps, lose weight or bulk up to look attractive, but did you know just by doing 30 minutes of exercise every day you can boost your self-confidence by 120%. 

You don’t need to lift weights if you don’t want to, any form of exercise which increases your heart rate is good for you. Pick an activity that you enjoy that way you will stick with it because the key factor in exercise is consistency. 

Some of the best types of exercise include aerobic, strength, stretching, and balancing exercises. Practicing yoga and guided meditation will simply be the icing on the cake.

5. Try out things that make you uncomfortable

What is confidence really? It’s being comfortable in any situation. Where others are afraid and uncomfortable, a confident person is highly comfortable with the situation and knows how to handle the situation in a smart way. 

To be a confident guru, you have to get out of your comfort zone. That soft comfortable bed you sleep in, get out of it, and sleep on roads! Okay, not really but you get my point. 

Getting out of your comfort zone can mean anything right from talking to the girl you like to walking alone in the dark. Try to do something new and challenging at least 3 times a week. Within a week, you will see yourself as a more confident person and be ready to sleep on floors 🙂

6. Try the quick fix method

If for some reason you are super depressed at the moment, try the quick fix strategy. It’s really simple. Do something which you can do really fast and which will make you happy instantly. When I need a quick fix, I listen to songs I like, it relaxes my mind and makes me happy. 

You could eat chocolate or watch your favorite show or dance like a freak, whatever you like to do. Figure out what you’re interested in, which can be done quickly to boost your mood and your confidence. 

7. Join local and digital communities

Interact with local communities

Your neighborhood has at least two or three communities that get together and talk on a weekly or monthly basis, I’m sure of that. Do a little research, find one community you’re uncomfortable with, and join it. 

You might feel pathetic the first few times like it’s the worst decision you have made but once you get used to it, your confidence levels will rise and you will get better at talking to strangers. 

This is exactly what point 5 is all about. Learning to get comfortable in uncomfortable situations. Similarly, there are hundreds of Facebook and WhatsApp groups that just talk about casual things or discuss a specific topic.

Find a group that discusses the topic you’re keen on and join the group. Read the messages and ask questions. You will meet new people, make some friends, and increase your confidence.

8. Get creative

Remember how in your childhood, you were used to creating interesting things from scratch? Start doing it again. Creating something from nothing will benefit you in a lot of ways. 

It gets you active, makes you think, helps you build something and you learn something new. Doing something creative always feels amazing, and you don’t know what you might discover, maybe a new skill you love to do. 

For me it’s cooking, I’m not a professional cook but I learn and get creative with cooking whenever I feel like it, it helps me calm my mind and raises my confidence levels and it’s so much fun! 

Learning something new will get you comfortable with the fact of learning something new and will boost your self-confidence.

9. Plan your day ahead

What could be worse than a day you don’t know what to do when you don’t control the day but the day controls you? Don’t be that guy who doesn’t plan his day. 

Plan it the night before or first thing in the morning, your choice, but do make a plan. Write down what you have to do during the day, your tasks, office tasks, home tasks and tick each one as you finish it. 

As you tick each task, your mind gets happier and you feel confident enough to complete the rest of the tasks.

10. Take good care of your finances

No, money doesn’t grow your confidence but overspending, not budgeting your expenses, and being in debt surely crashes your confidence game. Being in debt is one of the worst mistakes you could make in your life especially if you are not capable of paying the debt. 

Learn to save money, make more money, and then invest that money so that you make more money. Sure it won’t increase your confidence but managing your finances definitely won’t decrease your confidence.

If you have financial issues, you have confidence issues so take good care of your money.

11. Optimize your posture (OYP)

If you’re looking for an instant dose of confidence, adjust your posture. 

Come on let’s do it together. 

Stand up, put your shoulder back, push your chin up, take a deep breath in, exhale, and smile. That’s it! You have successfully mastered one way to boost your confidence. 

Research shows that simply doing things like standing straight and having a straight back can instantly boost your self-confidence and make you ready to hustle for the day. It also makes you look attractive and not like a sloppy person. So next time you feel low, OYP!

12. Laugh more often

Did you know? Laughing is the best medicine! Of course, you did, but you don’t implement it enough right? I know I do laugh all day long.

The more you relax your body, the more your body gets comfortable which in turn makes you confident. You can either be a funny person or watch videos that are funny. 

Having a few jokes up your sleeve when you’re with your friends will help a lot in this confidence game.

13. Don’t procrastinate

We all procrastinate, don’t we? Procrastinating is one of the most common productivity pitfalls we all know of. But procrastinating your tasks will only make you feel lazy, bored, and reduce your confidence levels. 

When you accomplish your tasks, you feel proud of yourself because you did something which improves you. This improvement directly affects your confidence levels. Learning tricks of not procrastinating will surely help you be productive and at the same time boost your self-confidence. 

One easy trick to avoid procrastination is to say, ” Let’s do the work ” and without thinking just do the work. 

14. A healthy diet, good night sleep isn’t all that bad

A healthy diet, definitely something which you try every day but yet fail every day. Research proves time and again that eating a well-balanced diet full of carbs, protein, and fat is essential for you. 

Similarly, a good night’s sleep for at least 7 hours a day will ensure you stay energized the entire day. Make self-care a priority. If you take care of your body, your body helps you raise your confidence.

15. Change your style

The way you look shows your personality to others but it also affects your behavior and mindset. If you wear clothes that make you feel comfortable, stylish, and superior, that’s exactly how your behavior will be. You should always iron your clothes, wear tailored clothes to look smart.

For example, if a doctor wears short pants and a casual t-shirt while examining his patients, he won’t be at his full productive level as he would have if he wears a doctor’s coat. Let your clothes show you confidence.

16. Give yourself a compliment

Just by complimenting yourself every day, your mind subconsciously makes you believe you are confident which in turn increases your confidence. 

An easy trick I follow to compliment myself is when I gargle right after I brush my teeth every day in the morning; I say, ” I am Awesome ” 5 times and then throw away the water in my mouth. This routine highly boosts my confidence for the day.

Anytime you feel low, or need a boost to supercharge your day, just say you’re Awesome!

How To Boost Your Self-Confidence?

Everyone struggles with low confidence issues at some point in time. But being overconfident isn’t the right thing to do as overconfident people tend to make a lot of mistakes. 

To boost your self-confidence isn’t about knowing it all, it’s about believing in yourself that whatever happens if a situation occurs, you will be able to handle the situation and learn from the outcome. 

When challenges knock at your door, you have to learn to face them and find a solution. If you don’t, someone else you overtake you and you’ll be left behind. Don’t let that happen.

Learning to boost your self-confidence will help you to conquer the real world, it will make you a better person in your personal as well as your professional life.

So get up, don’t be afraid, go conquer your darkest fears with confidence and you’ll surely find success in your endeavors.

Now I’d love to hear from you…..

What do you do to boost your self-confidence? Let me know down in the comments below.

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